The Ultimate Eskate Riding Experience Just Got Better

The Ultimate Eskate Riding Experience Just Got Better

All of us at Meepo are driven by passion and love for electric skateboarding. With a community of more than 120,000 riders in over 70 countries we work hard every day to build fun, affordable and eco-friendly electric skateboards that offer an amazing riding experience.

Continuing in our tradition of eskate innovation and excellence, towards the end of last year, we took great pride in releasing the Meepo Hurricane. After years of planning and engineering, we created the Hurricane to bring our riders the ultimate eskate experience. With ultra long range and the highest top speed of any production board on the market, the Hurricane has become the best in class 2-in-1 All Terrain electric skateboard. 

Upgrade Your Ride

The Meepo Hurricane 2-in-1 comes with 155*50mm (All Terrain) and 90*62mm (Street) wheels in the box. But that is just the beginning in terms of wheel options available for this board. The Hurricane is customizable by design, using standard pulley axles (10mm) which work with parts that already exist in the industry. This means you can use any wheel you’d like, from street to pneumatics and more, with the proper pulley.

This is why we are so excited to have released two additional wheel options that work seamlessly with the Meepo Hurricane. First, the 110mm Cyclone Wheels which are highly recommended for any rider looking for a smoother, more comfortable ride. These wheels have excellent shock absorption and offer a very stable ride. Learn more and see the full specs here:  

Next, we have the newly released our 165mm Cyclone Racing wheels. These wheels have a wide base and advanced grip technology letting you ride with confidence on every terrain - from bumpy roads to race tracks. Check them out here:

Ride With Confidence

No matter which wheels set you choose and which terrain you’re riding on, the Meepo Hurricane will not disappoint. In order to take full advantage of all the power that the Meepo Hurricane offers and ride with the confidence you need, we strongly advise you to take the proper safety precautions. First and foremost, ride with a helmet! The Meepo helmet, which uses a strong and solid integrated PC shell with shock-absorbing EPS liner, is available now at a great price: We have listed many other relevant safety measures you can take here: Additionally, keeping your board in tip top shape, especially when riding off-road, is crucial to prolong the life of your board. Take a look at the maintenance tips and tricks we’ve compiled for you here:

Let us know what your favorite feature and wheel set up is for the Meepo Hurricane in the comments below! Check out the Meepo Board YouTube channel, Instagram account and Facebook page for all of our latest updates.

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