Earth Day 2022: Ride With Meepo For a Cleaner Planet

Electric vehicles are the key to a cleaner and greener future.

Choosing electric as a means of transportation is better for the environment and also, especially when talking about an electric skateboard, much more fun to ride!  Here at Meepo, we are committed to doing our part in protecting the planet and making the world better for future generations. We're constantly improving production processes to reduce our carbon footprint and whenever possible we use packaging made of recyclable materials. 

We are celebrating this Earth Day in the best way we know how. That means, first and foremost, by giving away a free board. As well, we are offering one of our biggest sales ever on our selection of Meepo electric skateboards.

As a show of support to both our planet and our incredible customers, we are very excited to give one lucky a free Hurricane. So if you bought a Hurricane recently or are considering purchasing one, stay tuned as we will announce the lucky winner in the coming days

Additionally, our Earth Day discounts are already live and you can take advantage of them from now until the end of the month. Products on sale include:


At Meepo, we like to treat every day as Earth Day. Therefore, there is no better day than today to upgrade your ride to a new electric skateboard. Ride with Meepo and help create a cleaner, greener and brighter planet for all.


I had skateboarded since I was 13 years old and I am now 34 I skate to and from work everyday and I wrecked and had to get 20 Staples in my head because I had to put my foot down to slow down coming down the hill and woke up two days later in the hospital. I rode my skateboard to work for the first time since that wreck and was terrified. So me Po gave me an alternative I am more comfortable riding now that I have breaks and I have already owned the meepo classic, meepo Mini 2 ,and currently have the meepo all-wheel drive original. I know this has nothing to do with earth day but I will never be able to afford a hurricane but I have made skateboards for three of my friends and I only use meepo parts. And I would love to show you pictures of all the ones that I have customized and made because all of them have meePo.

Anthony Fowler August 08, 2022

Lets start a e-shop in belgium!!

Nick smeets August 08, 2022

It is always fun to ride an electric skateboard. Doing this decreases the carbon emission and simultaneously adds fun to commuting.

Andy August 08, 2022

Electric Motoring is the Future!

Randall Smiley August 08, 2022

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