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Meepo Adventure Challenge

Meepo Adventure Challenge

Do you love adventure? Are you looking for a challenge? If so, you've come to the right place because the great Meepo Adventure Challenge starts now!

The Competition

As firm believers that the journey matters more than the destination, the Meepo Adventure Challenge is looking for you to show us why you love to ride. Being called the most excited competition in electric skateboarding of 2022, we are giving away $3,000 in prizes that includes new Meepo boards, accessories, parts, merchandise and gift cards. So get your video camera ready, follow the instructions and be prepared to win.

The Categories

While you are free to choose any theme for your video, because eskating is about being independent and free spirited, we do have a few topics in mind that may help guide you when planning your film. The categories are as follows: 

  • Most Creative: Show off your filmmaking skills and do something that inspires you.
  • Most Talented: Share your dopest tricks with your Meepo Board.
  • Adventure King: Do something you’ve never done, make it unique!
  • Rad Routes: Explore & share the coolest places you’ve ever been with your Meepo Board!
  • The Laughing Man: Whoever gets the most laughs wins!
  • Pet life: Share your furry friends that love to eskate.

The Rules

When filming your video, make sure you follow a few basic rules and you'll be all set! The competition rules include:

  • Wear a helmet. We can't accept your video without one. Safety first. 
  • Upload to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, in high-resolution and make your video public for everyone.
  • Use the hashtag #meepoadventure in your post so we can see everyone who joined the competition. 
  • You may submit more than 1 videos, but only The Best One will count!
  • Deadline - June 25th. The duration of the contest will be for 2 months and closes on June 25th!

The Rewards

We've got some great prizes lined up because this would not be a Meepo contest without the chance to win some awesome rewards. In fact, we're giving away $3,000 in prizes to 10 lucky winners. We're also giving each and every participant a $10 coupon!

The prizes for the 2022 Meepo Adventure Challenge include:

  • 3 Winners will win a Brand New Meepo V4 or equivalent gift card
  • 1 Winner will win the Meepo 165 mm CYCLONE RACING WHEEL SET or equivalent gift card
  • 1 Winner will win the 110 mm CYCLONE WHEEL SET or equivalent gift card
  • 1 Winner will win $200 Meepo Gift Card
  • 2 Winners will win a Meepo Protection Set (Includes A Meepo Helmet and a protective gear set
  • 2 Winners will win a Meepo T-shirt (White or Black)

Once the winners are chosen, we'll share the winning videos on our social channels.

So without further ado, it's time to go get started on those videos! Good luck and most important of all - have fun!

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