10 Things to Know About Esk8 Safety

10 Things to Know About Esk8 Safety

Electric Skateboards are fun! But they are also fast and it takes time to learn how to ride them. There are certain safety measures that each rider needs to take when riding an electric skateboard.

We put together a few tips about how to protect yourself when riding.

1) Wear a helmet. A helmet is a total must, on every ride, even if it’s “just riding around the block with my buddy”. No excuses. Depending on your riding style, you might want to use a regular skateboard helmet or even a professional fullface helmet for maximum protection.

2) Wear additional protective gear - the more the better - protect your back, elbows, shoulder, knees and hands. Eskate body armor such as kevlar protective shirts are increasingly popular these days. And you know what - this gear even looks cool!

Eskate Safety
3) Ride cautiously. Don’t ride beyond your skill level, both in terms of where you ride and at what speed. It’s ok to ride slowly. You may not have spent 1000 hours on an electric skateboard like the guy you saw on Tiktok riding at 30 mph.

4) Make sure you’re being seen - use electric board lights and also put a light on your helmet or upper body when riding at night. Wear bright colors, fluorescent colors or even clothes with retro-reflective strips for maximum visibility.

5) Be careful about slippery roads and rain. Don’t ride when the road is even slightly wet and don’t listen to music with headphones while you’re on your skateboard.

6) Do basic maintenance regularly. Make sure to test the brake function before each ride to ensure it works. Use a T-Tool to tighten up wheels after a few miles of riding. Stop riding when the battery levels on your board or remote are getting low.

7) Supervise your skateboard while charging it and disconnect the charger once it's fully charged. Btw - if your skateboard battery ever gets wet - don't charge it and contact customer support immediately for guidance.

8) Don’t let inexperienced riders on your board. And even if they just want to ride a few meters on a parking lot, make them wear a helmet and make sure the slowest rider mode is configured on the remote.

Eskate Safety
9) Be extra careful when letting children ride. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reported that young children have poor balance, overestimate their skills, are not experienced with critical thinking and space-distance judgment, are less coordinated, show slower reaction times and more. Make sure to supervise your kids closely if they ride an electric skateboard and never let them ride on roads or other dangerous places.

10) Be cautious, slow down when you see other people or vehicles, give everyone else right of way. Don’t go riding in crowded places, the highway, or a street that’s covered with leaves or full of potholes.

By following these 10 rules you will not only stay safe but your rides will also be more fun and you'll slowly improve your electric skateboarding skills.

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I remember buying a modular motorcycle helmet for full face coverage a couple weeks before wrecking pretty badly. Got road rash on my arm and slid on my face for a meter. Not a scratch on the helmet though, so I guess it’s pretty sturdy. I’d busted my chin open and bit into my lip, and thee arm thing. All from going 23mph over a crack in the sidewalk, It’s important to be extra vigilant at higher speeds.

Patrick Hagen

Patrick Hagen

Great advice!!!
How many times do we not wear a helmet because it’s just a 1 min ride.
Most accidents always happen when we feel overconfident.
Also charging your battery unattended has lead to fire in some occasions.
Malfunctions just happen even on the most expensive boards .
These things just happen.
Good article Meepo, safety always goes first.

Daniel S Fernback

Daniel S Fernback

I am so glad to see these essentials, if new to riding: ingrain all of this. You CAN die on this product. A girl from around here did die while eskating. Wear a helmet ( looking at you 80’s and 90’s kids). And most of all, know your boundaries. Blessings all!

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