How to store your electric skateboard during winter

How to store your electric skateboard during winter

In many places around the world there is currently snow, rain and freezing temperatures and this isn't every rider’s cup of tea. Rightfully so. To make sure you'll be able to ride again once it gets warmer, it's a must to properly store your electric skateboard with remote during the cold months of the year.

In this blog post, we want to provide you with some tips and tricks about how to store your electric skateboard during winter. 

Meepo Board Winter

There are a few things we recommend when you store your electric longboard for several weeks or months - they'll make sure that your board is ready for riding once you take it out of the winter storage room.

  • Don't store the board with a fully charged battery. In order to avoid battery discharge and ensure battery longevity, we recommend charging your electric skateboard from time to time and keep the battery level in the range of 40%-60%.
  • Don't store it in a freezing cold garage but at room temperature. Find a dry place and avoid moisture. 
  • Turn on the board every few weeks - exercise the battery by letting the wheels turn for a few minutes. 
  • And one more suggestion – attach your remote to the board so you won’t have to spend time looking for the remote on that first sunny Sunday in spring when you want to ride again. 

Do you still want to ride during winter? Amazing! Stay warm and follow these instructions to make the most out of your winter riding experience:  

  • Try to avoid wet, slippery and dirty roads as much as you can. It won’t do any good to your board.
  • Riding when it's raining or snowing is not only dangerous, it also is likely to damage your board. Please note that water within the electronic components will void the Meepo warranty.
  • Clean your electric skateboard with a dry rag after riding. 
  • Don't expect the same range as during the summer - plan your ride accordingly. The battery range will be reduced at low temperatures as lowering the ambient temperature causes chemical reactions to proceed more slowly than when it's warmer. 
  • As before every ride, adjust and check the bolts and screws. This is important because a lot of vibrations are generated when you go for a push. 

Don’t forget to check your board before each ride and make sure to read our Safety Tips >>>.

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