Happy Holidays

Hello, I am Kieran, the founder and CEO of Meepo Board!

As the year 2021 is coming to an end, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and share some of my thoughts with the Meepo rider community.

If we learned anything this past year, it is that community is as important as ever. And we feel extremely lucky to have a community of over 120,000 Meepo riders around the world.

As you ride your Meepo Board around your city, on your way to work or together with friends, just know that we are so proud to have played a small part in your eskate journey.

This past year was also a very exciting year at the Meepo factory. As many of your know, we launched our long anticipated Meepo Hurricane. This is an electric longboard that our whole company is very proud of. Thank you so much to everyone who has already bought a Hurricane and please let me know your thoughts on the Hurricane in the comments below this video! I will read each one as your feedback is very important.

Additionally, we have many exciting plans in the works for 2022 and I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months.

So from all of us here at Meepo, we want to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year. See you in 2022!


Good to hear from you Keiran! I’m a 68-year-old guy who ordered a hurricane the day it became available after weeks and weeks of studying to get an AT if in fact an AT was for me then. I started esk8 only 2 months prior with your V3 ER! No problems first 2 weeks with hurricane then it began randomly shutting off, ouch! At that point the upgraded ESC was being sent out and I started working with customer service to resolve my problem. Installed new ESC but problem persisted, darn! You all were good to your word and kept sending parts until it was fixed per warranty. Researching, the DIY guys were bypassing their discharge side of the BMS eliminating shut off problems. I was sent a battery and wouldn’t you know, problem solved, thank god! (and meepo of course). Relieved and happy again. With the V3 I upgraded to the 100 mm PU for a while and after study just ordered cloud wheel 120 DIY. Stripping the old 90 mm hubs for the DIY, was a 10-hour very sore ordeal but succeeded. Hey, gotta do what ya gotta do! This Monday is expected delivery. Excited for that and meepos 2022 plans. Hope all this says something for ya’ll. Peace

Mark Kelsay June 09, 2022

The Meepo Hurricane would look so good with that grip tape and red arrow with accents!

Rayden March 21, 2022

Thank you guys. Happy new year.

Jayson Scott March 21, 2022

I love my 2 keeps! Have told many friends, that now own meepos.

Robert Patton March 21, 2022

Merry Christmas we really enjoy our board we have six of them me and my sons frequently ride it’s so much fun and you guys have made it truly a far away for me and my son is to get out and enjoy nature please keep me updated on any new accessories or boards coming soon thank you and have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Eric Wright March 21, 2022

I have just seen there is a solid wheel which would be ok with the pneumatic tyres not good for the Sharp grass seeds where I live so my last comment doesn’t matter now, I will now save up for a hurricane.

Keith Hurley March 21, 2022

Happy holidays to you guys as well. The Hurricane looks epic, wish I bought it during that black Friday sale hehe. Also super excited for those new Cyclone wheels, hope mine arrive here fast. They look perfect!

Steven March 21, 2022

Dear Kieran thanks for your warm wishes. I’d be really happy if for Christmas you just made some more remotes. I have a Meelo board here that I’ve never ridden. Its basically a doorstop. Can’t see myself buying a meelo board again. Enjoy your Christmas on your meepo board. I won’t be. :)

Tony D March 21, 2022

I love everything about the new Hurricane! While mine hasn’t arrived yet, I have seen so much that I cannot wait to feel how amazing it will be! I love to customize, I have already purchased faster pulleys and even some fresh black PU wheels as well. I would love to see custom grip tape, pulleys and belts, and please please please sell the sample pneumatic racing wheels. Those are super cool and exactly what I want in an air tire, you MUST sell them on the website PLEASE!!!
I started with the NLS Pro (#419) and loved 2000 miles out of it and couldn’t be more exited to have the hurricane to replace it! Additionally I have recommended you to EVERYONE I know, my 3 best friends bought V3s and another friend just told me he asked for the V4 for Christmas!
I cant wait to post rides of the whole crew!

Thank You for making the greatest line of electric skateboards ever!

Kyle Weldon March 21, 2022

I like the hurricane except that I can’t get sold wheels. The grass seeds where I live have hard spikes that puncture pneumatic tyres. These grass seeds would destroy the hurricane wheels. It would be great if people had a choice. I have a V3 & a Mini 2 that I really like alot but I can’t consider the hurricane hurricane unless I could get solid tyres so I am a little sad about that. Thanks for the skateboards you make great work.

Keith Hurley March 21, 2022

LOVE my hurricane. I noticed one wheel spins faster than the other when I have it upside down testing acceleration, is this normal? I think I also may need to adjust the trunks to make it slightly stiffer but other than that it’s a dream come true. Thank you Meepo and Kieran!

Rider June 09, 2022

Hello Kieran. I’m ferly new you to boarding and I did lots looking for the right boardand ended with your hurricane eskateboard and just enjoying every moment that get to ride. Thank you . And best to you always

Rosie Cortez March 21, 2022

I’ve had my hurricane for a little more then a month now. I’ve ridden at the beach in the mountains and now in the desert. I’ve been having a blast riding as much as 20 miles per trip. Love the range this board has. Thanks for making a great board that I didn’t have to spend a arm and a leg for.

Corey B March 21, 2022

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