2021 ended in a BIG way, thanks to you! #meepothanks winner announcement >>>

2021 ended in a BIG way, thanks to you! #meepothanks winner announcement >>>

As 2021 nears to an end, we took the opportunity to pause and give thanks to our Meepo community with the incredible #MEEPOTHANKS2021 giveaway. 

Reading posts, seeing pictures and watching videos that were shared by Meepo riders across the world moved us and reminded us why we do what we do.

So, thank you to our entire community. Whether you are waiting on that first board or shred the pavement daily, we appreciate your support and loyalty to Meepo. All your posts were truly awesome!

We chose our winners - from London to the Czech Republic to the USA - check them out below and make sure to continue following us for the chance to participate in future giveaways.

Drumroll please! 🥁🥁🥁

Congrats Drew Elia AKA @DeDrones! Check out his awesome story of a random meetup with another Meepo Rider and his rad video below:
I've been long boarding my entire life, everything from downhill to regular board. I always dreamed as a kid to be able to fly around on my board and go as fast and far as I wanted. Thanks to Meepo I've been able to do that!

In this video I was just going for a cruise around town and just so happened to meet a totally random guy on his Meepo (@devin_caravella) ! We cruised around for a while and it was a perfect example of why I love riding my board. so #MeepoThanks2021 for letting me go out and explore my city and meet new people along the way!

And congrats to CM! We love seeing you on the Meepo V2 tearing up the streets of London. Check out this street pirate:


Congrats Marek Flekal AKA @Mejrek! The vibes in this photo are just awesome and super chill. Enjoy your new Mini2!



Hey- Patrick Allen Farrington, you've got some seriously great karma to be winning another Meepo Board! But seriously, your video was LOL funny. Can't wait to see you on the Mini2!

Paulius Paškevičius we dig your ride out in beautiful Spain. A spankin' new helmet and matching t-shirt are on their way. Ride on!

Michal Psykala you are our final winner! Looks like you were carving all over that bridge. Enjoy your new helmet and T-shirt!


Much appreciation to everyone who participated in #MEEPOTHANKS2021. We send you our thanks and can't wait to see you at the next giveaway!



Dianne Caldwell

Dianne Caldwell

love my Meepo

Michael Ferreira

Michael Ferreira

Wish I ever won anything… 🥺

Drew Elia

Drew Elia

So excited to have won this board!! I can’t wait to rip around with my family and friends on this!! Thank you to everyone over at meepo!!!

Patrick Farrington

Patrick Farrington

I can’t believe it! Meepo you guys are seriously the coolest! Wow. Thank you so so much!!

John perry Silva

John perry Silva

My board is on its way and looking forward to ride!! How do I get my son and I in the next contest? Thanks again for putting together an amazing item!!!

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