Meepo Board V2 Plus Update Log #2

Updates from V2 to V2 Plus

  • MOTOR with Swappable Urethane

  • ESC with coating and Box

1. Motor with Swappable Urethane
Covering the motor, you will find an aluminum sleeve surfaced with urethane. In the future,  In the future, we hope to build a larger motor urethane PU that will measure approximately 97/107 mm and compatible with the motor. And, it is possible to make crossover all terrain PU that is compatible with the motor. 


meepo v2 plus motorAbove photo is a pair of motors we tested for more than one month. 

2. ESC with Coating and Box

The Meepo Board ESCs will now come with a box. This tiny box will seal all of the pre-coated electronic components. This will allow the board to be more resistant and protected from humidity, water etc. (Attention: NOT waterproof)

meepo v2 Plus ESC

This is the ESC with Covering Box.

This photo shows how the electronics are protected & isolated by thick coating.

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