What is an electric skateboard longboard?

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An electric longboard skateboard is an electric skateboard that is in the longboard style of skateboards, where the deck (the place you stand) is long, as opposed to short. The opposite of a longboard is a shortboard, which is 28 – 32” long.

Electric skateboard longboards are:

  1. Long – To be a longboard a skateboard is 33 – 59” in length. Most electric skateboards decks are just under 40” long.
  2. Electric – Longboard skateboards are powered by electricity, either a belt, hub motor, or wheel motors.
  3. Designed for Cruising – The longer deck is preferable for boarders going long distances who seek both stability and speed.

The longboard style is preferred for many riders of electric skateboards. Here are some reasons why electric skateboard riders choose a longboard style:

  • More stable for commuting
  • Can reach higher speeds than shortboards
  • Easier to learn and gain confidence
  • Convenient carry-handle
  • Accelerate faster than shortboards
  • Climb hills up to 35% grade
  • Available with regular or commuter wheels

A typical electric skateboard longboard comes with many parts that work together to make the skateboard run. Each board features a battery, charger, deck, trucks, wheels, ESC (electronic speed controller), bushings, a remote, and motors. The deck measurements are usually length x width x wheelbase. So a Meepo V3 longboard measures 38” x 9” x 32.5”. Wheels on a longboard electric skateboard can be the same style as a regular skateboard and come in sizes of mm, but also a skateboard wheel size. Our Meepo V3’s wheels are 90mm x 6mm 78a and the bushings come with 3 sets (83a, 90a, 96a).

When buying and swapping parts for an electric skateboard longboard, it’s important to check that the parts you are using are suitable for your board. Longboard, shortboard, and various styles of decks have different requirements for wheels. Some versions of the longboard electric skateboard, such as the City Rider by Meepo, or other urban designs have wheels that are larger and measured by the inch. The City Rider has 6” wheels, giving it more stability over cracks, rocks, and uneven surfaces.

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