Meepo V3

$429 USD $469 USD

 Most Popular Meepo Board

 29 mph / 46 kph Top speed

Real-World range 20 miles / 32 km (with ER Battery)

 6 months warranty


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Top Speed

29 mph/ 46 kph


Standard battery: 11 miles / 18 km

ER battery: 20 miles / 32km

Compatible Battery

ER battery for V3


0 to 30km/h or 19 mph in 4.5 seconds (8 seconds with the Meepo V2)


30% grade

Charging Time

Standard battery: 2 hrs

ER battery: 2.7 hours

Board Weight

16 lbs/ 7.2 kg

Rider Weight Limit

300 lbs / 136 kg


38″ Long I 9″ Wide I 32.5″ Wheelbase


Meepo ESC V3.0 32A by Lingyi


Shredder Trucks

Ride Modes

4 Ride Modes


90 mm X 60 mm 78a

Deck material

7 layers of true canadian maple

Brake ability

From 30 km/h or 19 mph to come to a complete standstill it takes 10 meters or 32 foot.


3 sets - 83a, 90a, 96a


MR remote with big screen

Hub Motors

2 X 540 Watts


6 months

CAUTION: Meepo Boards are not waterproof. Wheels are slippery when wet. Always wear a helmet when riding an electric skateboard.  Turn the remote off whenever you step off the board.

Temperature: Meepo Boards performs best between -5 to 42 degrees Celsius. Store at room temperature.

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Completely Assembled Meepo V3


Board Charger

Skate Tool

Tall Barrel Bushings


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Looking for a fast, fun, and well-made electric skateboard? Discover our bestseller, the Meepo V3. It is a favorite board for both riders new to electric skateboarding and riders looking to take their electric skateboarding game to the next level. With top speeds of 29 mph / 46 kph and a range of up to 20 miles/ 32 km when you upgrade the battery, the V3 is fast becoming the best electric skateboard for riders looking for speed and range under $500. It’s deck is 38” and it’s made of seven layers of Canadian Maple that make for a ride with some natural flexibility when the board needs it, but also is a very good, stable, and stiff deck. 



The V3 is faster, fiercer, and slicker than her predecessor the V2 and comes with several upgrades and features dual hub motors of 540 watts each. The standard battery has a range of 11 miles / 18 km and the extended range battery 20 miles/ 32 km. There is also an option to buy an additional battery and charger to make your electric skateboarding more convenient. Our V3 board can take a 30% grade hill with a rider up to 300lbs/ 136 kg - it’s a powerhouse of a board! Btw, it comes with the popular MR remote that has a big screen. 



The V3 is an upgraded version of the V2 that boasts 30% increased power from 2 x 540 watt motors. The ESC latest version is Meepo ESC v3.0 featuring complete sealing with glue, making the board water resistant, as well as moisture & dustproof. Enjoy a total new braking experience with smooth and predictable brakes - no more dead zone.


Is this is the most powerful and fastest skateboard? It’s the most powerful of all regular skateboards. You get from 0 to 19 mph (30 kph) in 4.5 sec. The AWD GT ($799) is more powerful, due to its all-wheel-drive. For most enthusiasts looking for power and speed, the Meepo V3 is more than enough. Even on hills, this board is relentless, reaching speeds of up to 20km/hr (9 mph) on a 15% slope. If you live in a very hilly area, the AWD might be better, but for most skaters the V3 is the most convenient and best electric skateboard all around.


Swap the battery within two minutes and enjoy the new shock-resistant battery and ESC enclosures (USB output: 5v1a, Battery meter led powered, precision +-3%). 



This board comes with a six month warranty. Each board is tested by our QA team and every part has undergone testing as well. The hub motors on the V3 feature upgraded PU, bearings, magnetic chip, and a new cap. You’ll love the macaroons brushings and soon front & rear lights will be available. Join 30,000 Meepo Board riders today.


And there are even surprises, like the standard USB charger that allows you to use the charge on your Meepo V3 to charge your phone or portable speaker.



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