What's the difference between the V4S and the V4?

What's the difference between the V4S and the V4?

The Meepo Shuffle S (V4S) is one of the most popular electric skateboards available in 2022. 

It differs in several aspects from its predecessor, the Shuffle aka V4. We put together a short overview about the differences: 

V4S V4
Hub Motor Easy swap Shuffle S motor - simply replace the sleeves in just a few minutes Shuffle motor, can be upgraded with Donut 105mm Motor Kit
Wheels & Sleeves 105mm Donut Wheels - Honeycomb tread - more wear-resisting and with all-terrain feeling, less vibration, providing a comfortable ride and stable riding experience 90mm PU Street Wheels
Grip Tape Design 2022 Vision 2021 Runway


We're currently offering massive discounts on the Meepo Shuffle (V4) and the Meepo Shuffle ER which offers a 20 miles range. Both electric skateboards are only available in selected markets and our stock level is relatively low. The sale is ending on August 31st, if you are interested in getting an amazing electric skateboard at an incredible price then grab one now.  

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