Who wants to win a free electric skateboard this month?

Who wants to win a free electric skateboard this month?

Summer is here and while people around the globe are going on vacation or visiting friends and relatives, others are taking advantage of the summer months and spend more time doing outdoor activities. Whether it's hiking, jogging, mountain biking, swimming or something else - many of us are eager to go outside and enjoy, connect to nature and to ourselves.

We've seen this trend also when it comes to electric skateboarding. Here at Meepo summer is always a busy time but this year we witness an even higher than usual order volume. While many people are getting their first electric skateboard  (e.g. the Meepo Shuffle S) others are upgrading to the Meepo Hurricane or the recently released Meepo Voyager

No matter what you ride and what your preferences are - the most important thing is to go outside and enjoy the summer.

We're excited to announce the Meepo Board Summer Sale Giveaway! You have the chance to win amazing prizes - check out the details below. 

You can win the following prizes:
Meepo Voyager - 1 winner
Meepo Shuffle S - 1 winner
Mini 2S - 1 winner
Accessories - 10 winners

This is how you get the chance to win a prize:
Make a purchase on 
meepoboard.com starting today until the end of August. If you place more than one order, your chances of winning increase accordingly. Winners will be randomly drawn from all orders made until August 31 at 11:59PM EST.  We will announce all lucky winners on September 5, 2022.

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