July 2022 Q&A With Meepo CEO Kieran: Bamboo Hurricane, Voyager Inventory and More

July 2022 Q&A With Meepo CEO Kieran: Bamboo Hurricane, Voyager Inventory and More

Calling all Meepo fans! In Kieran's just-recorded Q&A session, he answers all your most burning questions. From questions about Voyager inventory and delivery times to the latest new developments at Meepo, Kieran covers it all.

The topics in this month's sit-down with Kieran at Meepo headquarters include: 

  • When will the Bamboo Hurricane come out?
  • Will the gearbox hurricane become available?
  • Meepo Voyager Inventory & ETA?
  • What’s so special about Meepo Voyager?
  • Why Meepo created DIY kit for Hurricane?
  • Will the mini dual be updated with bigger wheels?
  • Any updates on the Meepo Flow or 4WD Hurricane?
  • What's coming up next?

If you haven't had a chance to watch yet, make sure you do so now:

Do you have any additional questions that you'd like to ask Kieran? Leave a comment directly on Kieran's YouTube video or ask our team on Meepo's Facebook and Instagram channels. 

If you haven't had the chance yet to watch Kieran's Voyager unboxing video, you can do so as well on our blog. Pre-order the Meepo Voyager today at our special launch price here. Also, for a limited time, we are giving Voyager X customers a free set of 110 mm cyclone wheels. order today and don't miss out on this exciting offer.

Have questions about the Meepo Voyager? 

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Douglas Cook

Douglas Cook

Will Meepo ever come out with an ALL CARBON FIBER Voyager version?

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