Unboxing The Meepo Voyager [WATCH]

Unboxing The Meepo Voyager [WATCH]

"I'm so satisfied with the outcome and all the details of this board. I love riding it" says Meepo Founder and CEO Kieran about his favorite new electric skateboard, the Meepo Voyager.

Kieran continues to explain in his official Meepo Voyager unboxing video just released on YouTube that "this is the next level of build quality. The Meepo Voyager uses the most advanced and developed technology we have today." With unmatched torque, real-life tested 40 mph top speed and 36 miles of range, the Meepo Voyager is in a class of its own.

From the new charging port to the forged trucks to the sealed battery case, every aspect of this board has been designed from the ground up. The 38'' longboard deck with bamboo and tri-axle fiberglass was crafted to the highest of standards. Overheating issues are now a thing of the past as the Voyager's newly designed 12S3P battery will stay cool even on the toughest of rides up to 36 miles long. 

Want to know more and take a closer look at all the details? Watch now as Kieran unveils this board and takes an in-depth look at Meepo's new flagship electric skateboard:

You can pre-order the Meepo Voyager today at our special launch price here. Also, for a limited time, we are giving Voyager X customers a free set of 110 mm cyclone wheels. order today and don't miss out on this exciting offer.

Have questions about the Meepo Voyager? Leave a comment on Kieran's YouTube video or our Facebook and Instagram channels. 

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