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Welcome to the MEEPO electric skateboard collection! Whether you're a beginner or a pro rider, our range offers speed, agility, and genuine excitement. Explore our range of sleek, high-performance electric skateboards here.

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MEEPO Voyager + Free Cyclone 105s Wheel SetMEEPO Voyager + Free Cyclone 105s Wheel Set
MEEPO Voyager + Free Cyclone 105s Wheel Set Sale price$949.00 Regular price$1,199.00
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Voyager X LimitedVoyager X Limited
Voyager X Limited Sale price$1,099.00 Regular price$1,399.00
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MEEPO Envy - NLS 3MEEPO Envy - NLS 3
MEEPO Envy - NLS 3 Sale price$699.00 Regular price$799.00
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MEEPO Hurricane Bamboo SeriesMEEPO Hurricane Bamboo Series
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MEEPO Atom - Mini 3SMEEPO Atom - Mini 3S
MEEPO Atom - Mini 3S Sale price$439.00 Regular price$519.00
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MEEPO Vader - Hurricane Carbon-limited editionMEEPO Vader - Hurricane Carbon-limited edition
MEEPO Vader - Hurricane Carbon-limited edition Sale price$1,589.00 Regular price$2,279.00
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MEEPO Hurricane Ultra X - Customize Your Own Ride - Free Worldwide Air ShippingMEEPO Hurricane Ultra X - Customize Your Own Ride - Free Worldwide Air Shipping
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MEEPO Vader - Hurricane Pro AWDMEEPO Vader - Hurricane Pro AWD
MEEPO Vader - Hurricane Pro AWD Sale priceFrom $1,999.00 Regular price$2,499.00
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MEEPO TUNDRA - Off-Road Electric SkateboardMEEPO TUNDRA - Off-Road Electric Skateboard
MEEPO TUNDRA - Off-Road Electric Skateboard Sale price$1,899.00 Regular price$2,399.00
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MEEPO MONSOON LEGACY RACEBOARD Sale priceFrom $59.99 Regular price$2,499.00
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Refurbished Skateboard (U.S. Only)Refurbished Skateboard (U.S. Only)
Refurbished Skateboard (U.S. Only) Sale priceFrom $169.00 Regular price$299.00
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MEEPO AURORA - limited StockMEEPO AURORA - limited Stock
MEEPO AURORA - limited Stock Sale price$799.00 Regular price$999.00
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MEEPO CITY RIDER 3 Sale price$999.00 Regular price$1,299.00
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MEEPO Q1 BOARD Sale price$179.00

How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

Electric skateboards run on a rechargeable battery powering an electric motor attached to the wheels. Controlled by a handheld remote, the motor accelerates and slows down the skateboard based on user input. Factors like battery capacity, terrain, and speed influence the skateboard's range per charge. Some models also feature regenerative braking systems, converting kinetic energy back into the battery when slowing down.

Electric skateboards use a combination of sensors and software to ensure stability and safety. Gyroscopes and accelerometers help maintain balance and adjust speed based on the rider's movements. Additionally, they often come equipped with LED lights and braking systems to enhance visibility and control.

How to Choose the Best Electric Skateboard

Selecting the best electric skateboard depends on various factors. First of all, prioritize high-quality construction, durable materials, and a suitable weight for portability. Most importantly assess your needs; go for boards tailored to your riding needs, whether they are speed-oriented for fast riding, street-oriented for urban commuting, longboards for stability, or all-terrain boards for use on any surface.Β 

Don’t forget to consider battery range, motor power, and charging time for optimal performance. Make sure to evaluate wheel size and type based on terrain preference. It is also important to check for features like regenerative braking, remote control reliability, and stability mechanisms. Ultimately, the ideal electric skateboard aligns with your intended use, offers reliability, and suits your riding style and preferences.

Different Types of Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards come in various types tailored to specific needs. These include Electric Longboards, All-Terrain Skateboards, and Street Boards. Each type serves distinct purposes, catering to different terrains and riding styles.

Electric Longboards

Designed for stability and extended rides, Electric Longboards feature longer decks, enhancing rider balance and maneuverability. These boards prioritize comfort and control, ideal for commuters seeking a smoother, more controlled journey. Featuring powerful motors and extended battery life, they offer an enjoyable riding experience, making them suitable for those aiming for a balance between distance, stability, and performance.

All-Terrain Skateboards

Built with durable construction and rugged wheels, All-Terrain Skateboards are designed to conquer various surfaces such as gravel, grass, or uneven terrain. These boards prioritize versatility, allowing riders to explore off-road environments comfortably. With sturdy builds and enhanced traction, they provide the flexibility to adventure beyond traditional skateboarding terrains, catering to those seeking outdoor exploration and versatility in their rides.

Street Boards

Tailored for urban agility, Street Boards feature compact decks, ideal for navigating crowded streets with ease and precision. These boards prioritize maneuverability, making quick turns and navigating tight spaces effortlessly. With responsive handling and a focus on control, they cater to riders looking for a nimble and agile experience, perfect for urban commuting or city cruising.

MEEPO Electric Skateboards

MEEPO Electric Skateboards stand out for their reliability, performance, and versatility. Crafted with a focus on quality and user experience, our boards offer durability and consistent performance. At MEEPO, we cover all styles with Electric Longboards, All-Terrain Skateboards, Street Boards, and Remote Skateboards, ensuring a board for every rider's preference. Our commitment to delivering dependable and high-quality electric skateboards sets us apart, providing riders with options that are durable, functional, and suited for various terrains and styles of riding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are electric skateboards legal?

Electric skateboard legality varies by region. In many places, they're legal for private use but restricted in public areas. It's crucial to check local regulations regarding speed limits, age restrictions, and where they're permitted for safe riding.

Can you ride an electric skateboard in the rain?

While it's possible to ride an electric skateboard in light rain, doing so increases the risk of reduced traction and loss of grip on wet surfaces. Wet conditions can compromise the board's performance, potentially leading to safety hazards.Β 

Do electric skateboards have brakes?

Electric skateboards commonly feature braking systems. Regenerative braking or electronic braking is used, activated through handheld controllers or weight shifting to slow down or stop the board.

How do you control an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards are controlled using handheld wireless remotes, often equipped with throttle controls. These controls are only for acceleration and braking, granting riders the flexibility to easily adjust their speed while riding. The convenience of these remotes enhances the overall riding experience, offering users precise control over their electric skateboard

How long does an electric skateboard battery last?

The battery life of an electric skateboard depends on factors like battery capacity, rider weight, terrain, and speed. Generally, MEEPO skateboards last between 10 to 30 miles per charge, varying widely among different models and usage conditions. Regularly charging and proper maintenance can extend the battery's lifespan.