Pair of 100 mm Wheels (2pcs)


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Pair of 100 mm Wheels (2pcs)

New 100mm Hubs

A big upgrade from the 90mm hubs, decreased acceleration and range but worth it for the smoother ride

Produts: great, customer service: uhh :/

The tool didn't fit my current sleeves.I seen a lot of people online with the same problem. One person replied to me instantly when I asked him he found solution yet he said he's messaged cus service no reply. He then found a tool on Amazon that fit it went to out new ones on an the new screws are too big old ones are too small.
When I purchased it I remember it saying only compatible wit v2s made after october of some year. I bought my board used so I took the chance on it working and knew it possible might be the case but to make sure I figured I'd message customer service they replied in a few days n said, "use this tool" and sent a picture of the tool it came with, that if they read the email I sent they would know I already tried.
Altogether I love this company and the boards and the prices. I don't want a return or anything I'll eventually buy a board they will work with but. A lot of people have this problem. And jus like a sorry your board must of been made before the stated date would safe people from ordering new tools on eBay N taking there wheels apart jus to find out themselves. I would of done the same thing if he didn't tell me what the out come would be. I know ur super busy and all but ya ur askinc me to rate u so I'm being honest. Jus minus one star only because it could be better and what could be? The customer service. Everything else is on point.
I can't wait to buy a v3 kit and a AWD2 .
literally every thing else is perfect but.. my wheels have very little tread on them and my front wheels are now 100mm an back wheels 90 wit no tread all I would like from customer service is to let me know how I can replace the older v2 sleeves and if I can at 100 mm or was it not designed for replacement sleeves and need the whole wheel engine thing?

Love them

Love them thank you guys so much

100 mm urethane front wheels.

Very satisfied, smooth ride, good quality material, reasonable delivery time. Well done Meepo!


Meepo Board 100 mmm electric skateboard wheels are the standard wheels on NLS (retired) and NLS Pro. Use these wheels only with Shredder Trucks 265 mm and longer - it’s not safe to do a build with smaller trucks. Make the most of your Meepo Board electric skateboard when you replace worn out wheels and trucks in a timely fashion.

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