Introducing: Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless Tires

There's one question that we ask ourselves every single day at Meepo: What's next? This is an important question for us because we know that the future of Meepo depends on our ability to innovate and continue bringing you the best electric skateboards and accessories.

Today, we're exciting to show you "what's next" and introduce you to the next step in wheel technology. With Meepo's first-in-the-world Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless Tires you will be able to experience some of the most cutting edge electric skateboarding wheels to date. These wheels will let you upgrade your belt-driven boards and enable them to reach their full potential. Meepo's tubeless tires are the first wheels without an inner tube giving these tires much better dynamic balance.


Thanks to our tubeless technology, when you ride with Meepo's Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless tires you will not need to worry about pinch flats. As just about all experienced riders know - and hate, pinch flats occur when the inner tube gets pressed between the road and your rim. This means you can run at much lower pressure and enjoy a more comfortable ride where you feel less fatigue from road vibration.
These tires are lightweight yet remain controllable in fast descents and extreme cornering. They are also very durable with improved wear resistance. Specs on the tires are as follows:
Wheel Diameter: 165*72mm
Hub    Diameter:  106*62mm
What’s included:
165mm tire x 4
340mm*15mm HTD-5M belt x 2
60T pulley x 2
The Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless Tires are built to last and made for your enjoyment over and over. Let us know if you have questions about these wheels in the comments below or on our social media channels.

6 Kommentare

How to maintain these once they wear out or get a nail type of puncture?

dan 30 September, 2022

Will they fit on the mini 2

Hugo Chavez 30 September, 2022

Oh wow looks like I need to try a set of these. I’m 200 pounds (90 kg) and I absolutely punish 6" tires and tubes, Sunmates, HOTAs, J-King airless tires, does not matter I shred them to bits. We’ll see if these actually hold up.

Matt 30 September, 2022

Will they fit the voyager?

Dustin Groenig 30 September, 2022

Will these work in the nls pro?

Addison 30 September, 2022

Hi, what are the other pulley options apart from the stock 60t?

jesse 30 September, 2022

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