Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless wheel Set

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World Premiere:

The Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless Tire Set is the next step in upgrading your belt-driven boards to reach its full potential.

Compared to tires with inner tubes, the greatest advantage of tubeless tires is that they can be run at low pressures without the risk of pinch flats.

Built for the road:
As you don't need to worry about pinching flats, you can run at much lower pressure and enjoy more comfort on the ride, and meanwhile feel less fatigue from road vibration. Lightweight yet remains controllable in fast descents and extreme cornering.

With improved wear resistance, the Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless Tires are built to last - enjoy a high quality product that will accompany you wherever you go.

Pre-sale, shippping starts on March 10
Suggested tire pressure:  15 P.S.I / 104 KPa
Tire Diameter: 165*72mm
Rim Diameter:  106*62mm
Fit for Hurricane
What’s included:

For Belt:
165mm tire x 4
340mm*15mm HTD-5M belt x 2
60T CNC pulley x 2

For Gear drive:
165mm tire x 4
Gear connector x 2

For: Belt Drive
Color: Silver