Featured Meepo Rider – meet Jonas Frissen from Germany

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Jonas lives in Germany only a few kilometers away from the border with the Netherlands. He studies business administration in Aachen and works at a carbon fiber production facility. Last year he participated in our video competition together with his girlfriend Andrea.

1. How did you first hear about Meepo?

I’ve been interested in motor skateboards for a while. After testing a boosted board on my recent vacation in San Francisco, I knew I would like to ride home with one of those in the future. I learned a lot about the subject by myself, especially on the website http://www.electricskateboardhq.com regarding current models and technical data.
There I come across Meepo Board for the first time, so the first board I saw there was the Meepo 1.51 Black. After many Youtube videos and reviews about it, I was convinced.

2. Describe your first ride.

Of course, it was not nearly as mountainous at home as it was in San Francisco, but I felt safe pretty quickly and could switch to 2nd gear in a timely manner.
3. What do you most like about your Meepo?

For some it may sound strange, but I especially like the constant updates and upgrades of the boards. With Meepo you can always be sure you are up-to-date with the latest technology.

4. Are you part of a local community rider community?

At the moment I do not know any rider community in my area, but I have to say: I live in the countryside and most people do not understand how to skate.

5. Do you use your electric skateboard for commuting or for leisure travel?

I live a few miles away from the nearest train station, from where I take the train to the university. Since I have the board, I do not need to take the car and can easily commute between the train station and the university in Aachen, while my friends have to run or walk.

6. What tip would you give to new riders?

Definitely wear a helmet.

7. How do you envision electric skateboards in 2020?

I’d want more waterproof and hub motors that give you the opportunity to swap the PU and switch from a street-level skateboard to an off-road model.

Thanks a lot Jonas, we appreciate your time and your answers!

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