Take Advantage of the First and Last Mile Solution with the Meepo NLS Electric Skateboard

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Everyday, people are using public transport to get to work. It does a great job of getting cars off the road and makes it easy for people to get around. Yet, there is one problem. Public transport doesn’t pick you up out the front of your house or deliver you to the door of your office. This is what electric skateboard companies, like Meepo, are trying to solve.

They’re calling it the First/Last Mile Solution. It’s all about helping people get to their destination the fastest way possible and at the lowest cost. In Australia, 50 percent of people are more likely to walk if their nearest train station is within a 15-minute walk. The thing about Australian towns is that you rarely live this close to a train station.

This is why electric skateboards like the Meepo NLS come in handy! Imagine yourself leaving the house in the morning for work. You step onto your electric skateboard and ride effortlessly through traffic. The crisp breeze is pressing against your face. You arrive at the station and jump on the train. Once you arrive at your desired stop, you get off the train and back onto your board. You whiz past all the passengers who have to walk from the station to the office like suckers. You get to the office a little earlier than usual. You finally have the time to grab a coffee or organise your inbox all while impressing your boss in the process.

Riding an electric skateboard isn’t only a ton of fun. It’s also practical. Let’s take a look at the best reasons why. First of all, you get out of the traffic. There’s no need to waste your precious time behind a steering wheel as you crawl along the highway. Riding an eboard allows you to enjoy the open air and experience the world in a completely new fashion.

Because you’re getting out of your gas-guzzling car and onto an electric-powered vehicle, you’re going to help save the environment. One mile at a time. But global warming is a hotly debated topic, so let’s focus on something that’s going to directly benefit you. It will save you money. It’s estimated that 
it costs US$0.51 per mile to run your car
 in America. If your closest train station is only two miles away, you’re likely going to be driving there. That totals four miles of driving per day which adds up to be a cost of $2.04 a day.

Now, let’s say you buy the Meepo NLS and ride it as your first and last mile solution. That’s an initial investment of $599. If you were to ride to the station everyday, you would recoup that investment within 293.6 days. For every day you ride your electric skateboard after that, you’re saving $2.04. That’s an extra $744.60 per year you get to keep in your pocket.

The Meepo has a range of 14 miles. If your work is within than distance, you could completely transform your commute into an exhilarating adventure. You can ride up to speeds of 25mph so it’s not exactly a toy we’re dealing with here. And if you live in a hilly area, no problem. The NLS has the ability to climb hills with a grade of 30%. And the battery will recharge with its regenerative braking on the way back down.

There are lots of great Meepo NLS reviews that you can read to learn more about this awesome electric skateboard. Or if you’re ready to start taking advantage of your first and last mile solution, go check out the Meepo NLS now.


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