Hurricane ( Belt / Gear)Drive kit

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Ahorra $100.00

Style: Belt Drive kit

We provide two drive kits  for you to choose from, allowing you to easily change the driving mode of the board and enjoy the fun of different driving modes with simple installation.


Gear drive kit:

Original tires adapter ( For 155mm /175mm /190mm pneumatic tires)  x 2 

165mm cyclone and tubeless tires exclusive adapter x 2

Hurricane motor x 2

Rear truck  Axle x 1

Belt drive kit:

Hurricane motor x 2

Rear truck  Axle x 1

Protection Bracket (with motormounts) x 1

Note: Please check your hurricane motor  and ESC connector, These 2 kits only work for the ESC with 9-pin connector only. If your motor uses the  Crimp Wire Terminals (i.e., connected by wire connection), it is simpler to directly replace the gearbox.