Meepo Mini 2

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 Range - 20 Miles (ER)

  Meepo 6.5 ESC

          Comes with M4 Remote

  Top Speed - 28 mph / 45 kph (Pro mode) 

  6 months warranty


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-Easy, MINI 2 is a Beast!

Shortboard Electric Skateboard By Meepo - Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard Top View
Shortboard Electric Skateboard By Meepo - Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard Top View
Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard Top View of Grip Tape - Our Best Selling Shortboard Electric Skateboard
Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard Side View - Electric Skateboard Shortboard Side View
Meepo Mini 2 Underdeck View of Wheels, ESC, Battery Enclosure - Our Best Selling Shortboard

Meepo Mini 2


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 Range - 20 Miles (ER)

  Meepo 6.5 ESC

          Comes with M4 Remote

  Top Speed - 28 mph / 45 kph (Pro mode) 

  6 months warranty

More Details of MINI 2

Meepo Mini is our best shortboard electric skateboard. It’s got beast of an engine, enabling this hot little board to reach an astonishing 29 mph/ 46 kph. Of all our boards, it’s our best electric skateboard for those looking for speed and portability. The sleek, slick design makes for a smooth ride sure to turn heads and make them ask “what was that?”

Starting under $500, this affordable short board electric skateboard comes with a beautifully crafted seven layer maple deck. Lifestyle riders appreciate this thoughtfully-designed board - Mini 2 riders enjoy the speed of the long boards, but the convenient size of a short board. Even though this board is “little” it’s not at all meek.

the Mini 2 has the same powerful motors as the V3 and NLS Pro. The ability and range also vary depending on the build of the Mini 2 that you choose. The ER can take grades up to 30%, while the regular motor just 25% (which is still plenty for many!) Another benefit of upgrading is speed - the upgraded motors reach 29 mph (46 kph) while the standard reach only 25 mph (40 kph). Many lifestyle riders find the standard equipment to be more than sufficient. Riders closer to the 300 lb (136 kg) weight limit or those in hilly areas are recommended to opt for the upgraded engines. While the regular Mini 2 has a range of 11 miles/ 17.7 km, the ER version lets you ride for 20 miles/ 32 km.

Whether you’re an experienced electric skateboarder or new to the sport, Meepo Mini 2 might be your new favorite shortboard electric skateboard.

What's in the box?

For MINI 2 Standard

New MINI 2 Standard / ER Skateboard


 M4 Remote

Skate tools

2A / 3A Charger


DC Cable

USB Cable for Remote


In a nutshell

It’s a 30-inch short deck with a very functional kicktail making the Mini 2 easier to turn, more fun to ride (you can even go manual with it) and super portable. In the Mini 2 we have also introduced new nose protection technology.

Thanks to the deck width, your riding and turning are easier and your stance is more comfortable.

What makes the Meepo Mini 2 such a great board?

Meepo Mini 2 is a monster board with a lot of power (same parts inside as Meepo NLS Pro) in the compact body. Mini 2 turns easier and rides more like a regular skateboard and you can even go manual on it. It’s great for people who want to get more skateboard experience and skill. Also, Meepo Mini 2 is perfect if you are commuting on public transportation as it is very company and easy to carry on and off buses. Being small and over performanced, Mini 2 is the perfect board for the true lover of this sport, now you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

What’s special with this board?

Meepo Mini 2 has a very functional kicktail. 30 inch short deck. Same power parts as NLS Pro inside. Easier to turn. It is less stable than 38 inch boards on higher speed over 35 kmh. Meepo Mini 2 is super portable and easy to carry. Overall, this board is very fun to ride, you can even ride manually with it. 

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