MR Screen Remote Controller(Meepo V3)

$50 USD
MR Remote is a screen applied remote which we designed especially for Meepo V3.


The remote provides vibration feedback for all valid operations allowing you to be confident when changes modes without looking at the remote. There is a big screen that shows all information needed for your skateboard, including: Ride Mode, Brake mode, Forward/Backward, Current Speed, Max Speed Reached, Batter Left in Remote, Battery Left in Board, ODO (lifetime distance traveled) and mileage of this ride.

Compatible with: 
Meepo V1 V1.5 V2, Meepo NLS, Meepo KT, Meepo Mini, Meepo Campus, Meepo Campus 2.

Not compatible with: 
AWD GT, Meepo Classic
(If you need the MR remote for your AWD GT, please contact us.)

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