MR Screen Remote Controller


MR Remote is for Meepo V3, Meepo Mini 2, Meepo NLS Pro.

MR (AWD)Remote is for Meepo AWD Pro.

If you don't know whether this remote can be paired with your Meepo skateboard, please contact us here, we will help to figure it out.

How to Changing KPH to MPH?

When the remote is OFF, press the Power button and Reverse button at the same time, then you are able to switch by pulling or pushing the control button.


The remote provides vibration feedback for all valid operations allowing you to be confident when changes modes without looking at the remote. There is a big screen that shows all information needed for your skateboard, including: Ride Mode, Brake mode, Forward/Backward, Current Speed, Max Speed Reached, Batter Left in Remote, Battery Left in Board, ODO (lifetime distance traveled) and mileage of this ride.


This remote is compatible with the following boards: MINI 2 ER (order number bigger than 26379), NLS Pro(Please check with our online support team before order this remote, we can help to check if it apply to you meepo board)  V3 Standard, V3 ER, Campus 2,