For last miles commute, go around, and carry it everywhere with you.

Small and Mighty

Discover MEEPO MINI 5

More range and power than you ever need, keep the original longboard style

King of street boards

Discover MEEPO Voyager

Agile, flexible, and power-packed for an exhilarating urban adventure

Craving with flow


The perfect board for most stability, safer to ride, for commute off road, sidewalks and crap roads.

Versatile Commuter Board

Explore Hurricane Bamboo

Our latest electric skateboards

Meepo Flow

The perfect blend of urban commuting with increased range, enhanced maneuverability, and surfboard-inspired style, featuring 105mm wheels for a smooth ride

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MEEPO Envy - Nls3

The epitome of electric skateboarding, seamlessly blending unrivaled power with the perfect street riding capabilities, delivering an exceptional riding experience.

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MEEPO Hurricane Bamboo

The groundbreaking Hurricane Bamboo electric skateboard represents the pinnacle of performance and value, evolved through three generations of innovation to deliver uncompromised off-road thrills at an affordable price. Equipped with all-terrain capabilities, empowers beginners and experts alike with a smooth, stable, safe, and comfortable ride on any terrain for the ultimate thrilling experience.

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Electric Rides for Adults

Unleashing the Thrill of Electric Rides for Adults

In the hustle and bustle of todayโ€™s urban landscape, getting around efficiently and stylishly is the ultimate flex. Say hello to the world of electric rides, where grown-ups are rediscovering the j...

Board Sports

Riding the Wave: The Thrill of Board Sports

Board sports are taking over, from the classic skateboards and surfboards to the high-tech electric versions cruising down city streets. These sports arenโ€™t just about riding a board; theyโ€™re about...

How Much Are Electric Skateboards

How Much Are Electric Skateboards

Ever wondered if electric skateboards are not very budget friendly, or if they're reachable for everyone? With their rising popularity, it's natural to be curious about their price range and what i...

What's The Meaning of ESK8

Electric skateboarding (ESK8), beyond its wheels and technology, embodies freedom's essence. It's the wind in your face, the pavement beneath your board, and the thrill of mastering every curve. ESK8 embodies resilience, teaching us to embrace balance in life's twists and turns. It's more than a mode of transport; it's a community, a lifestyleโ€”a testament to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. In the hum of the motor, feel the pulse of determination. With every push forward, ESK8 symbolizes the pursuit of adventure, the joy of exploration, and the sheer delight of riding the waves of possibilities.

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