Does Anyone (Even Kids) Can Ride an Electric Skateboard?

Does Anyone (Even Kids) Can Ride an Electric Skateboard?
An electric longboard is a fun, safe personal transportation solution that just about anyone can enjoy. But can kids ride it…? Please read carefully!

Here are some requirements for riding an electric skateboard:
  1. Under 400 lbs / 180 kg
  2. Any height
  3. Ages 18+ can skate alone
  4. Under age 18 needs adult supervision
  5. Must be physically able to use the board (stand for long periods of time, be able to keep the balance
  6. Must be able to physically carry the board (or get help if you can’t)
  7. If you have an existing health condition, ask your doctor

Now, you know, the electric skateboards are mainly used for adults. But if the kids want to ride the electric longboard skateboard, you had better supervise her or him in case there are some accidents. Riders new to electric skateboarding that have board sport experience will adapt quite fast. Whether you have skateboarded, surfed, kite surfed, wind surfed, or snowboarded, the skills you learned and the muscles you built in other board sports will be very useful in electric skateboarding.

Riders who are new to all board sports can learn on an electric skateboard, but we do recommend buying an electric skateboard that is suitable for beginners, that is designed to make riding easy, comfortable, and more safe. Whatever board you get, start in beginner mode and ride slowly until you gain confidence.

Physically, the fitness level needed to get started is quite low. Anyone who can go up a flight of stairs can ride a skateboard. Once the rides get longer and carving more intense, riders with lower fitness levels may fatigue easier.

We encourage riders of all abilities to give it a try, you might be surprised how well differently abled riders adapt. Electric skateboard riders come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities so don’t count yourself out from joining the growing community of riders!

Here’s an inspirational video about a differently abled boy who rides an electric skateboard (not Meepo):  Meepo Board supports diversity in riding and encourages riders of all abilities. While some wheelchair users have customized electric boards, we do not have at this time a board designed for this purpose at the time. Here is a custom job (not Meepo): For heavy riders who need an especially powerful board we published this blog post recently.

So now you know - just about anyone can ride a skateboard. Now it’s time to figure out which is the right electric skateboard for you. Happy riding!

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