Did You Know? Four Trivia Facts About Meepo Boards.

Did You Know? Four Trivia Facts About Meepo Boards.

Do you think you know all there is to know about Meepo electric skateboards? Here are four trivia facts about Meepo boards that all riders should know. We also think these fun facts will make you go WOW! 

1) As long as the accelerator is not pushed on the remote control, there is 0 power consumption 

When both the skateboard and the remote control are turned on, the skateboard will not consume electricity as long as the acceleration of the remote control is not pressed. That means, if you ride it as a traditional skateboard, after its push-off auto start, the board will not drain your battery, as you haven’t pushed the acceleration throttle on the remote control.

2) After 10 minutes of standby, the board will automatically shut down 

Even if you do not turn off your skateboard and remote control, they will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of standby. For example, if you are tired of riding, you can just let the skateboard and remote control be without turning them off manually. After 10 minutes, the ESC will automatically turn off, and then the remote control will shut off 10 seconds later.

3) When the remote control power reaches the bottom, the brake command can still be used

Our skateboards have multiple protection and safety mechanisms such as the ability to brake even when low on power. If the battery level of your remote control nears empty but the skateboard still has power, the remote control will still have use of the braking function (but you won’t be able to accelerate). Similarly, when your skateboard battery is near empty, or even completely out of power, your skateboard can still communicate with the remote control to receive the brake command. This is because the skateboard does not consume power when braking.

4) When the skateboard is going downhill, press and hold the brakes on the remote control to charge the electric skateboard.

This is what’s called regenerative braking. When the electric skateboard is in the braking state, your board’s battery can be recharged. Like electric cars and electric scooters, your Meepo board has the characteristics of "kinetic energy recovery". Regenerative braking on an electric skateboard works by capturing the kinetic energy of the skateboard as it slows down and converting that energy into electrical energy, which is then stored in the skateboard's battery. When the skateboard slows down, the motor that powers the skateboard becomes a generator, and it produces electrical current that is sent to the battery. This not only helps to recharge the battery, but it also helps to slow down the skateboard, effectively acting as a brake. This can be a very efficient way to slow down an electric skateboard, as it allows the skateboard to recapture some of the energy that would otherwise be lost as heat when using traditional friction brakes. However, when the remote control sends out a low battery vibration prompt, we suggest you stop using the remote control and skateboard and charge the remote control in time.

We hope you found these four trivia facts interesting and we are looking forward to sharing more interesting information about Meepo electric skateboards right here on our blog. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below or on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

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