Reviews of Meepo Board – Best Longboards for College

Reviews of Meepo Board – Best Longboards for College

Meepo Boards have been at the forefront of e-board manufacturing for the past couple years, designing high quality, light electric skateboards for all consumers. Whether you’re looking for an electric skateboard with remote, Meepo have the perfect range to suit your style.

Why We Love Meepo Electric Skateboards

Meepo e-boards have various attributes that make them who they are. Meepo boards aren’t just your next e-board manufacturer. The heart of the business originates with its passionate and experienced staff in the e-skate community. With all Meepo Team members avid e-boarders and a mix of electric longboard and penny board favorites, the Meepo Board group are passionate and are determined to produce the best outcome for their customers. Riding eboards around the office and around the mountains, the innovative Meepo CEO Kieran Mao and his staff always emphasize a happier and more enjoyable future for its employees and hope that using their Meepo boards has the same effect on their customers. With various models and extremely competitive pricing, Meepo boards are an EBC top seller.

Best College Commuter E-Boards

While avoiding public transport and finding a newer, more cost-efficient method of getting around campus, Meepo’s bestselling college e-boards can provide the perfect solution. While the bestselling V3 and Mini 2 models vary in price from $389 to $589 (Extended Range edition) the Meepo e-board range is affordable and the ideal budget board for students. For students looking for a cheap electric skateboard with a little more power to climb hills, Meepo’s AWD model is the most powerful, boasting 4x540W Hub motors. While the Meepo V3 and the Mini 2 e-board models steal the show, a common EBC favorite is the NLS Pro, a little upgrade of the Meepo V3 and yet still maintains that wonderful longboard feel on you cruise.

While driving to and from campus every day poses a cost, and not a cheap one, a rechargeable electric skateboard has been a common solution to students in college towns. While buses, trains and undergrounds also rise in prices on an annual basis the desire for micro mobility products is not only growing, but necessary. Meepo electric skateboards certainly play the advocate in contributing to a more renewable future, while helping all students and commuters save time and money by beating the morning traffic!

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