Featured Meepo Rider – meet Callen aka Terminal X from Grand Rapids

meepo rider in protecting helmet

Callen is a marketing and sales professional and is known for his cool protective gear!

1. How did you first hear about Meepo? I first heard about Meepo through the Reddit-Group r/electricskateboarding while I was browsing for an upgrade to my first board.

2. Describe your first ride. My first ride was very slow haha! However, I did manage to wear a single glove and my helmet. That feeling of effortless gliding and flying across the concrete was something I’d craved since being a kid daydreaming about hoverboards, and it’s been addicting ever since!

3. What do you like most about your Meepo? What I love most about my Meepo electric longboard is the pure performance. With 25-29mph top speed and my Sanyo battery, I can always lead the group and have plenty of charge to float around my city multiple times over!

4. Are you part of a local Meepo rider community? I am part of a local esk8 riding community here in Grand Rapids, and there a few of us Meepo riders. If you’re in West Michigan, I highly implore to come ride with us! I’ve also ridden with the Chicago E-skate, and they’re a great bunch. I’m beyond grateful to their hospitality.

5. Do you use your electric skateboard for commuting or for leisure travel? I use my Meepo motor skateboard for both commuting and leisure! While I use my Campus 2 to run errands mostly, I love to pull out my V2 for night rides with the esk8 squad. We tackle bike trails that go from city to city, and we love to cruise downtown Grand Rapids.

6. What tip would you give to new riders? Wear a helmet (duh). Wear gloves. Lean forward BEFORE you launch, and lean back with your weight BEFORE you hit the brakes. Ride in an empty parking lot practicing high speed turns and adjust your trucks to your needs. Ride as if the cars and people can’t see you.

7. How do you envision electric skateboards in 2020? I envision eboards in 2020 being much more modular. As DIY boards become more user friendly, and production boards become able to swap parts (such as batteries), you’ll see a lot more personalized boards out there. You can already see some cool modifications and DIY builds if you check out a group ride near you!

Thanks Callen for this interview!

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