Featured Meepo Rider – meet DabolYuh from Dubai, one of the hottest places on earth

Comment: DabolYuh recently became one of our brand ambassadors, together with a few other hand picked Meepo riders!

Meet DabolYuh is an IT professional based in Dubai, UAE. He is riding a Meepo V2 Plus (which is sold out) and uses it for commuting on a daily basis.

How did you first hear about Meepo?
2 years ago, I had an accident in a longboarding competition resulting in a nerve injury thus giving me a hard time to push/ kick my longboard manually. When I recovered from my injury I decided to look for a budget electric skateboard so that I will not have to push or kick. I tried searching for reviews on Youtube and came across Meepo Board which was highly recommended as a quality budget board.

Describe your first ride
I decided to buy the Meepo V2 Plus. My first ride was astonishing! I did not imagine the speed it carries, super fast and the brakes are so responsive.

What do you like most about your Meepo?
Speed! It was like going downhill when I was riding on a flat surface.

Are you part of a local Meepo rider community?
No, currently there is no local Meepo rider community in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). This is what I’m looking forward to.

Do you use your electric skateboard for commuting or for leisure travel?
My Meepo Board is very useful to me. I use it a lot on a daily basis. From the beginning of each day I use it to go to the gym, the office, buy groceries, meet friends… and a lot more. I’m not leaving my house without my Meepo!

What tip would you give to new riders?
Riding a Meepo Board is very easy. But I don’t just give it to someone to test unless he wears safety gear, most importantly a helmet. This applies especially to new riders. Safety always comes first.

How do you envision electric skateboards in 2020?
Nowadays, people are looking into a more reasonable way of commuting. I think by 2020, electric skateboards will take a big part in the community as an alternative way of commuting.

How can other riders in the UAE get in touch with you?
They can write me on Facebook

Thanks so much for this interview, DabolYuh. We’re glad to have you as one of our ambassadors!


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