Kieran’s 10 Esk8 tips after riding over 4000 km/ 2500 miles on Meepo boards

meepo board and drone

 No. 1 Turn ON/OFF the board

There is no need to bow down to touch the switch on the electric longboard. You can simply push the board to turn it on. And when you finish riding, you just turn off the remote, after 5 minutes the board will shut down by itself.  

No. 2 Stop your board on a slope

This is how you can get off your board while you’re riding uphill: simply pull the brake to the end when your board stops moving - the lock function is now automatically activated. You can then get off the board safely, or you can stand on the motor skateboard

No. 3 Start riding on a slope

You can start riding in the middle of a slope. First activate the motors lock function (pull brake to end when board stops), then step on the board. Then you push the throttle wheel to full gas quickly and start accelerating. Your board will start going uphill now in spite of the slope.

No. 4 Remote storage

Store your remote together with your board. This is the most effective way to avoid losing your remote.

No. 5 Battery & cold temperatures

In winter, warm up your battery with a hair drier before going for a ride. This will significantly increase your range in riding. Because batteries have a hard time with cold weather and show less performance.

No. 6 Climb on a curb

This is how to skate over small obstacles: when riding onto an above land surface curb or a below land surface gap always use a 45 degree angle. This is the safest way and you get the best chance to climb on the curb.

No. 7 Stick out your arm

Stick out your arm and point to the direction you are turning to before you make a turn. This is a very useful signal for other road users and for your own safety.

No. 8 Riding downhill

Ride down the hill with the hub motors in the front (riding reverse). This gives you more brake power.

No. 9 Grip tape

Replace your grip tape every now and then, this also makes sure your board keeps its cool and fresh look for a long time!

No. 10 Discover new places!

Use your Meepo to discover places to which you’ve never been. This is my secret tip to you. Discover new parts of your city or explore beautiful landscapes in the countryside.

And of course, always wear a helmet and other safety gear.


CEO and founder of Meepo

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