Electric Skateboard Safety - 10 important tips

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Electric Skateboards are fun! But they are also fast and require caution even in areas where there are no other road users. There are certain safety measures that each rider needs to take when riding an electric skateboard.

We put together a few tips about how to protect yourself - and make sure you get home safely from your awesome rides and have the best electric skateboard experience possible!

  1. Wear a helmet. A helmet is a total must, on every ride, even if it’s “just crossing the street”. No excuses.

  2. Wear additional protective gear - the more the better. Wrist pads or gloves, elbow pads and knee pads are a big plus. Especially if you’re a beginner or ride at extreme speeds, full-length clothes and body armour is very much recommended. And you know what - it even looks cool!

  3. Do basic maintenance regularly. Make sure to test the brake function before each ride to ensure it works. Use a T-Tool to tighten up wheels after a few kilometres of riding. Check out our Meepo Board maintenance tips.

  4. Make sure you’re being seen - use electric board lights and also put a light on your helmet or upper body when riding at night. Wear bright colors, fluorescent colors or even clothes with retro-reflective strips.

  5. Be cautious, slow down when you see other people or vehicles, give everyone else right of way. Don’t ride when the road is wet and don’t listen to music while you’re on your skateboard.

  6. Don’t ride beyond your skill level, both in terms of where you ride and at what speed. It’s ok to ride slowly. You may not have spent 1000 hours on an electric skateboard like “the cool guy” in the Youtube video.

  7. Plan for the worst-case scenario - bring a first aid kit with you, a phone, a card where the phone numbers of your emergency contacts are written down. Make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage.

  8. Don’t let inexperienced riders on your board. And even if they just want to ride a few meters, make them wear a helmet.

  9. Be careful when letting young children ride. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reported that young children have poor balance, overestimate their skills, are not experienced with critical thinking and space-distance judgment, are less coordinated, show slower reaction times and more. Make sure to supervise your kids closely if they ride an electric skateboard and never let them ride on roads or other dangerous places.

  10. Don’t go near oncoming traffic and try to stay away from cars and trucks as much as possible. Don’t forget that most people think that you ride a normal skateboard and don’t expect you to ride at 20 mph uphill.

Bottom line: Being safe is a lifestyle that ensures you will enjoy many more fun skateboard rides. Let us know in the comments below if you have additional safety suggestions. Check out the Meepo Board YouTube channel for more

Image source> Abdulhadi Aljazaeri

For more insights about electric skateboarding safety please check out Knowledge Base

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