Happy Birthday Meepo!

Happy Birthday Meepo!

Every summer we take the time to celebrate another anniversary for our great company! This year we are marking 6 years since Kieran first founded Meepo and created the original Meepo electric longboard

To kick off the celebrations, we are offering some amazing discounts on our top selling products. This includes up to $200 off a new Meepo board and an additional $10 off all orders over $499 when you use the code PAYPAL10 at checkout. The Hurricane, Shuffle S, Mini 2S and Mini Dual are all on sale in honor of our 6th anniversary. You can shop now here.

The festivities don't stop there though. In the coming days, we will be announcing a whole slew of additional activities and ways that our entire community can take part in Meepo's 6th anniversary celebration. As always, it wouldn't be a Meepo celebration without the chance to win great prizes.

So get ready, be excited and stay tuned for all further details coming soon. 

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