Mental Health, Happiness and Meepo

Mental Health, Happiness and Meepo

Every so often a message or email gets sent our way which reminds us why the work we do here at Meepo is so important. It motivates us to work harder and continue building the best electric skateboards that are as affordable as possible. The email we received below is one such example and we just had to share it with the community. Here it goes:

To all my "meeple" (meepo people):

I was born 1977 in Seattle Washington with Epilepsy . I had seizures til the age of 14 and was on numerous medications for that condition. Little did I know that my medications were taking a toll on my body. As I grew into my 20s and 30s snowboarding and working in Jackson Hole, WY I noticed my body slowly shutting down. And on October 30th, 2015 it did. Doctors determined that alcohol was a catalyst and combined with the epilepsy meds had a lethal effect.
I haven't had a seizure in 30 years but the effects from the medications still lingered. I was hospitalized and deemed "terminal" by the medical staff at a local hospital and was put in a room left to die, spending months immobile in a hospital bed. I was transferred to Swedish medical in Seattle for liver treatment and they managed to bring me back from the dead. I owe my life to the nurses at that hospital ward.

You might ask..ok where does MEEPO come in to play here??..Well I'll tell ya.

By the time I was healthy enough to get into a wheelchair, I realized that my lower body had really been damaged by muscle loss and neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition where you're unable to build or sustain muscle mass.
Snowboarding is life for me so I thought I'd never ride again, but after a year I was back on my board doing what I love. Now if I could only sustain this kind of happiness and health year round? Hmmmm...well.... MEEPO!!

Meepo came into my life and has increased my boarding pleasure to 80% seasonal here in Washington!! It helps me keep my muscle memory and core for boarding in the winter. I really feel that this company and its products are so important to the mental health of us #Brokenboarders.


We always like hearing motivational stories about Meepo riders. If you have a good story to share with us, please email it to us at

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