NLS Pro review by independant blogger Samuel James

meepo board nls pro
NLS Pro review by independant blogger Samuel James
“Of the like-brands competing for the same market share as Meepo, the NLS Pro has the best deck, best battery, best ESC, best motors, highest top speed and best range of the lot right now. I really don’t need to say much more than that. The motor skateboard speaks for itself at this point.

Further, the NLS Pro firmly marks Meepo’s arrival into the mid-tier with this product. We’re talking about a 30 mph/16+ mile range board boasting a quality finish and a highly refined control system.

The Meepo NLS Pro performs just as well or better than many of the premium boards I’ve tested. It’s a serious rival for Boosted in terms of comfort and it easily out-specs other boards more than twice its price. As usual, the only question that remains is the mystery of what the longer term reliability and durability will be like compared to more premium brands with more premium price tags. If that’s the only differentiating factor though, and if it turns out these boards stand the test of time, the “premium” brands are going to have some serious trouble continually justifying their higher prices”
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