Featured Meepo Rider โ€“ meet Tyler Foust from Dallas, Texas

Tyler with his daughter on his meepo board

Tyler is a 36 year old RN currently working in Healthcare Improvement in the Dallas, Texas region. He spent most of my career as an ICU nurse. Tyler, married to Rebecca, is also the father of 4 children.

How did you first hear about Meepo?

I first heard of Meepo when I began researching how to build an electric longboard. I followed the subreddit r/electricskateboarding and read what other people had to say about Meepo. I chose to go with Meepo after I noticed how involved Kieran was with the subreddit.

Describe your first ride.

My first ride was exciting and scary. I am an experienced skateboarder but I underestimated how much torque an eboard would have.

What do you like most about your Meepo?

I love how liberating it is to hop on my board and cruise to some music. I also love that I can yell at my son to pick up his pace as I ride alongside him while he trains for cross country. I also love that I can put my kids in a radio flyer and ride them through the neighborhood. They love that too (with buckles and safe speeds)! I also love that my wife, who has never previously skateboarded, now has her own Meepo and we can go out together.

Are you part of a local Meepo rider community?

So where I live (north of Dallas in a little town called Melissa) there are no Meepo or eboard communities. Most people are very confused as I travel past them.

Do you use yourย motor skateboard for commuting or for leisure travel?

I primarily use my board for fun and leisure, however there was one incident where I had to use it to travel rapidly to my car in order to get my pregnant sister in-law to the hospital where she quickly gave birthโ€ฆ

What tip would you give to new riders?

Ride as if all cars are blind and wear a helmet. Also, donโ€™t go really fast on a road until you are familiar with it. Jump off your board a couple of times while moving slowly so you can train your body how to naturally react in case you encounter a situation where you need to quickly get off the board.

How do you envision electric skateboards in 2020?

Looking forward I envision eboards to become lighter due to new battery technology. I also envision increased safety features like brake lights becoming standard as eboards become more mainstream. I am also hopeful to see more truck options that incorporate suspension.

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