Better than Tesla Battery โ€“ Meepo ER Battery (Samsung 10s2p 40T 60A)

two tesla batteries

Back in October 2017, Meepo Board was the first electric longboard manufacturer to equip Sanyo 20700B batteries on electric skateboards. Since then, this Tesla Battery has been very popular among the hard-core eskaters who love to ride hours a day.

Sanyo 20700B batteries have good capacity and good circles if not abused by high current amp output. But, there is also a downside to this battery cell. The current limit we can take from this battery cell is limited to 30A max for 10s2p configaration. And skateboards with this SANYO 20700B battery reported to be less powerful than boards with standard 20R/25R batteries.

Being an esk8r in my heart and soul, riding every chance I get, I have kept asking myself what improvements should be done to Meepo Boards?

As an experienced rider, the more I ride, the less fun I feel riding on my board. The Meepo board is strong, but not strong enough for me. Full speed acceleration is also no longer strong enough to get me excited. I am missing that thrill that used to be so present. I just expect something more when I push the throttle wheel. It deesnโ€™t necessary mean I will ride extremly agreseive every time, but, when I have that urge, I want the power in my board to be ready for me. I want the acceleration to be significant and keep my heart beating.

So, what can be done? The number one solution is to make acceleration faster, so our fellow Meepo boarders can catch up with belt-drive eskaters and even smoke them.

And after much research, comparison and testing, the Samsung 40T cells come out with the best overall specs. It is just slightly bigger than SANYO 20700B, but double the discharge current (60 amp on 10S2P).

Today with the popularity of being the battery on Tesla, SANYO Battery has made a name for itself, and become widely used. But, we believe the new Samsung 21700B 40T battery has a significant edge over the SANYO and should be a no brainerd, better choice for electric skateboarding.

And we are now moving full throttle ahead with our revolution to Meepo ER battery. Get ready for a new generation of Meepo motor skateboard that are more powerful and and have more range!

Just as Meepo has paved the way before in the eskate world, I believe it will not take long for the whole industry to join us with this revolution. Are you ready for this journey? We are! Strap on your helmet and get ready for a real fun, next generation ride!

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More information about ER battery.

Specifications of Meepo ER Battery :
Cells: Samsung 10s2p 40T
Weight: 1460g
Configuration: 10s2p
Max discharge current: 60A
Dimension of XR battery : 153mmX 109mmx 46mm
Size of XR battery is compatible with Enclosures of Meepo NLS.

* ER battery doesnโ€™t fit in enclosures of Meepo V2 V1.5 V1
* Itโ€™s not suggested to buy an ER battery to replace your battery. Because:

1. you may need Meepo V3 or NLS Pro ESCs to get the most power out of your ER battery.
2. Drilling new holes on your V1 V1.5 V2 deck to fit with NLS case takes some effort.
3. Build and assemble battery extension cable between ESC and ER battery is a challenge.

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