Refurbished Meepo Boards Are Perfect For Tough Economic Times

Refurbished Meepo Boards Are Perfect For Tough Economic Times

High gas prices, low bank accounts, pricey electric skateboards: let’s face it, we all just wish to spend less and save a little more. That’s why we want to help with our refurbished Meepo boards that cost as low as $300. 

All are in great condition, have been thoroughly tested by our tech teams, and  are as close to new as they can get! 

Think of it this way: an average American spends about $150-$200 per month on gas. Give a month or two, and there you have a perfectly capped budget to get into the electric skateboarding hobby! And it doesn’t just end there with both savings and more effectively spending gas money. Traffic and parking hassles will be but a mere annoyance of the past with the newfound convenience and portability of our electric skateboards. They are so affordable even kids nowadays are able to own their own electric skateboards (like seriously, kids are willing to sell their gaming console for our boards. Talk about getting outside more).

Fellow Meepo ambassador Gialong Tonthat has been helping local kids around Escondido, California to purchase affordable eboards. In knowing their naturally expensive nature relative to his low-income hometown neighborhood, it became his utmost goal to make it possible for the kids to be able to afford them. By finding bargains through online sales platforms like OfferUp and Facebook Market, he helped hook up middle school and high school kids with Meepo’s upon Meepo’s: V3’s, V4’s, and Mini 2’s.

These are just a few of the kids in Gialong’s newfound “Esco-esk8” community of electric skateboarders. Commuting to school has never become so much less of a burden both for themselves and their parents as driving to drop off and pick up are practically obsolete. And for every other destination around the small town, from parks to plazas to fast-foods, every day is a good day for these kids on Meepo boards.

Meepo Board is your tried-and-true, go-to name in portable electric commuting, and with the addition of refurbished boards on the market, it’s one less obstacle for your first step into the world of electric skateboards.

Learn more about Meepo certified refurbished electric skateboards. Order today and get free shipping within the contiguous US.

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