Upcoming Meepo Products June 2022: A Complete Guide

Upcoming Meepo Products June 2022: A Complete Guide

Excitement is in the air over here at our Meepo headquarters.

We've been busy planning, creating, testing and testing again our next generation of Meepo electric skateboards which are set to officially go on sale in the coming days. Fresh off the release of our Shuffle s (V4s), Mini 2S and 105mm Donut Hub Motor Kit, we are now overjoyed to finally present the next 3 electric skateboards that will be joining the Meepo family of products. So without further ado, please welcome the Mini Dual, Voyager, Flow.

Meepo Mini Dual

The Meepo Mini Dual is being called the absolute best electric skate board for teens. And while that is certainly true, this board is also so much more. From teenagers to young ladies, the Mini Dual is the perfect starter board for anyone interested in electric skateboarding. Thanks to its unique safety features, coupled with its light and stylish design, this board will let you learn how to eskate in the safest and most fun manner possible. 

Some of the Mini Dual's key features include:

1) The perfect starter electric skateboard for anyone interested in learning how to eskate. With a weight capacity of 75kg, this is the absolute best board for teenagers, young ladies and just about any beginning rider.
2) Bright-colored, stylish grip tape design is perfect for summer and showing off your passion for riding.
3) Remember that safety is first. A restricted top speed and acceleration, allows beginners and teen riders to learn safely.
4) Lightweight and compact, with a kicktail allowing for even more nimble maneuvers.
5) The mini dual brings you high performance at a low price. For us at Meepo, affordability does not mean compromising on quality.
6) Fast Charging: High-performance cells enables fast charging, 0-100 in just 60 minutes.
Meepo Voyager
The Voyager is the ultimate multi-purpose electric skateboard. This board carves and cruises at high speeds like nothing else in its class. With a 518Wh battery pack, the torque and range on the Voyager will leave the competition behind.
Here are some additional specs:
- 31 Mph Top Speed
- 34 mile range
- 2500*2 Watts Motor Power
Key features of the Meepo Voyager electric skateboard include:
1) Long range
2) Stable even when you are riding in a high speed
3) Flexible deck
4) Faster acceleration
Meepo Flow
The Meepo Flow is being hailed as the quintessential portable last-mile vehicle due to its size and amazing maneuverability . This board revolutionizes the commute by combining a short wheel base, a functional kicktail and double kingpin trucks. 
Here are some additional specs:
- 30 Mph Top speed
- 22 Miles Rang
- 1800*2 Watts Motor Power
Additional key features of the Meepo Flow electric skateboard include:
1) Gear drive motor
2) Kick tail for added maneuverability
3) Small but powerful making this board easy to carry and very fun to ride


Well, there you have it! The next generation of Meepo boards is here. Want a closer look at these boards? Make sure you check out Kieran's Live Stream from last week where he spoke about these new products and more. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for all the latest updates from Meepo. 

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