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What are Shredder Trucks?

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What are Shredder Trucks?

Shredder trucks are exclusively designed for hub motor electric longboards by the Meepo team. Their design is based on the Premium Downhill Longboarding trucks.

Prior to the shredder truck, all trucks compatible with electric skateboard hub motors were built by two companies, which created bulk quantity trucks for cheap longboards. Here at Meepo, we decided to look for better options. As the CEO of the Meepo Board company and an avid longboarder, I’ve always thought about finding better trucks for the Meepo boards, but couldn’t find any.

Upgrading the bushing didn’t quite help, since the design and shape of the existing trucks wasn’t professional. This led me to realize that it is imperative to build our own high-quality trucks for a better riding experience. After many tests and refinements, at the end of August we carried out our first batch of shredder trucks.

The turns and carvings will be much more precise, high speeds of 30-50Km/h will be safer and steadier, and deep carving will be more controlled and fun.

* The big-sized bushing can be compressed more, and therefore provides a stronger rebounce.

* The hanger is crafted to a 3D slot, which enables the bushing cylinder to fit perfectly into the groove when the truck turns.

* The bushing is compressed from additional directions, and will generate more rebounce power to push the truck back to its neutral position.

Riding with the shredder truck, you will feel that the truck is always supporting the deck, especially when carving or taking sharp turns.


Shredder Truck Specifications:

Material: Premium quality A356 aluminum alloy

Bushing: Double tall barrels, 19mm height x 25mm diameter

100A Durameter high rebounce

Since the shredder truck bushings are larger (35-50% larger than standard Cone & Barrel bushings), there is more space for them to compress. This means the 100A bushings will feel like 90A or 95A bushings on other trucks.

Shredder trucks come in 2 types, Shredder wheel Truck and Shredder Hub Truck.
The Shredder Wheel Truck is a none electric skateboard truck that can be used on longboards and compatible with wheels.
The Shredder Hub Truck fits perfectly with Motors on Meepo V1 / V1.5 / V2 / V2Plus, all meepo motor skateboard motors at size 90mm.

Specs of Shredder Wheel Truck
Degree: 50°
Hanger width: 200mm
Total width:265mm

Specs of Shredder Hub Truck
Degree: 50°
Motor Shaft size: Height 12mm X Width 12mm X Length 40mm 
Width:125 mm

Shape: High Rebunce, Double Tall Barrel
Size: Height 19mm, Outer Diameter 25mm
Durameter: 100A
Color: Orange

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