Celebrating a Year of Accomplishments at Meepo Board - 2022 in Review

Celebrating a Year of Accomplishments at Meepo Board - 2022 in Review

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone, and what a year it has been for Meepo Board! This past year we celebrated our 6th anniversary and also had a US Presidential Candidate ride one of our boards. We launched new products, forged partnerships and attended events across the globe. There have been plenty of reasons to celebrate in 2022, here are just a few of the major highlights:

Innovation and Best Selling Products


We're always looking for ways to innovate and improve our electric skateboards, and this year we launched five new eskate models: Voyager, Ultra, Shuffle S, Mini 2S and Mini Dual. We also released a special version of our flagship eboard - the Hurricane Ultra. From the compact but mighty Mini 2S to the long-range Voyager, we're confident that there's a Meepo Board for everyone.

Seeing Meepo eskates rank among the best selling longboards on Amazon this year was very exciting. As Amazon has no category specifically for eskate, our electric skateboards have to compete in the much broader category of "longboards" and having the Meepo Shuffle reach the number 1 spot is a huge accomplishment. 

We also had the opportunity to bring many fresh and innovative accessories to market in 2022. With the launch of our Meepo Gear Drive we became the first company to release a well developed gear drive box. We also had the distinct honor of developing the first tubeless tire for electric skateboards and were excited to release the Cyclone 165s Future Tubeless Tires. Among other accessories launched in 2022 was the Donut 105mm Wheels.


Meepo @ Micromobility Europe 2022

This year, we had the opportunity to attend the Micromobility Europe 2022 convention that took place during the month of June in Amsterdam. Throughout the conference, countless individuals came to test out our newest electric skateboard models and learn about Meepo's products and factory. We are proud of the role Meepo has played in the electrification of mobility and were very pleased to present our electric skateboards at Micromobility Europe along with many other great PEV companies. We had the chance to connect with other industry leaders and learn about the latest trends and technologies in the world of electric micromobility.


Meepo Global Ambassador ProgramRefurbished Meepo Boards Are Perfect For Tough Economic Times

We're always looking for ways to grow and expand our community, and this year we launched our global Ambassador Program. Our ambassador program helps us connect with riders and advocates from all around the world, and we're excited to see where this program takes us in the future. You’re invited to meet our ambassadors and  to read some of their inspiring stories. For example, Patrick, our ambassador in Amsterdam talks about the incredible eskate community while Gialong, our ambassador in Escondido, California shares how he helps low-income families afford electric skateboards during tough economic times. Our ambassador from New York City, Ty, also shared with our community some very important tips to know when buying an eskate


Demo Days

 This year, we held Demo Days in cities across the US, giving riders the opportunity to test out our boards and see what they're all about. It was a great way for us to connect with our community and get feedback from riders about their experiences with our boards. Our Demo Day in New York City was planned by our ambassador in New York Ty and brought riders from all over the tri-state area to test out the Voyager.  We also had a successful Demo Day over in San Diego on the West Coast which was organized by the amazing crew from SDESK8. 


130,000 x Thank You


We are thrilled to announce that Meepo Board has reached a major milestone this year - we have sold our 130,000th electric skateboard! This is an exciting accomplishment for our company, and we couldn't have done it without the support of our loyal customers. We are grateful for your trust in our products and for choosing Meepo Board for all of your electric skateboard needs. Thank you for helping us reach this incredible achievement!

See You in 2023

It's been a busy and exciting time for our team. We've launched new electric skateboard models, attended industry conferences, grown our global ambassador program, held demo days, and reached a major milestone by selling our 130,000th electric skateboard. 

As we wrap up another amazing year at Meepo Board, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers and community for your support and loyalty (In case you missed Meepo Founder and CEO Kieran's letter last week to the Meepo, here it is). We can't wait to see what the future holds, and we are excited to continue bringing you the best electric skateboards and experiences possible.

Here's to a bright and exciting future for all of us. Have a Happy New Year and see you in 2023! 

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