Meet our team

The Meepo Board team, comprised of top electric skateboard riders and engineers, is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs. The team’s dedication and passion for all things Meepo have helped make the company an industry leader and trailblazer.

 Kieran Mao FOUNDER & CEO

Founder and CEO of Meepo, Kieran rides his Meepo Board on average over 60 km per week.
With a degree in mechanical engineering, Kieran has become an electric skateboarding expert and industry icon.
Amongst his many roles at the company, Kieran keeps coming up with innovative ideas to make Meepo Board better.

Farry Yang CTO

Dealing with more than 109 suppliers, Yang handles all parts from bolts to skateboard decks. He oversees the Meepo Board factory and leads the assembly team.Yang has a need for speed and whenever he’s not in the factory can be found riding a Meepo very fast. If only he weighed more, Yang would be a qualified Meepo Board tester.


Rayen manages the entire after sales operation at Meepo Board.
As chief customer service officer, Rayen manages the customer service team and his role includes diagnosing and solving malfunction issues.
Rayen puts himself in the customers’ shoes and thanks to his analysis and insight, Meepo Board is constantly able to improve the durability of its products.


Xiang is an decorated designer who has won awards each year for excellence in industry design. His many accomplishments include having designed more than 10 kinds of remotes.