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Meepo NLS

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38'' Meepo Board V2

World's Most Polular

Today, there are nearly 15,000 Meepo riders skating on streets

Meepo NLS

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Meepo V2

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Meepo AWD GT

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Coming your way! 🏁
This is a big moment 🤳 friends! The first batch of NLS will be on its way to customers in the coming days.
All of us at the Meepo factory have been working 🔧 around the clock 🕰 to finish assembling & testing and we're almost ready to ship. More updates to follow so stay tuned.
Don't be shy! 🙂
#friends #ridealong #adventure
All I want for YOU! 😍☃️❄️
Greetings and best holiday wishes to our Greek 🇬🇷 Eskater Kologria for this wonderful picture, showing a great gesture by Santa! 😉🎅
Check out his colorful IG page: @kologria
Efharisto Poly Kologria!
#greece #hellas #christmas #gift #santa #holynight
We are looking into the possibility of creating an AT - an All Terrain Electric Skateboard.
We'd love to hear your thoughts about that! 💡 source: Unsplash
Clap your hands together for a new monthly winner - Andrea Massaretti! Andrea is a very talented photographer and video maker from Italy 🇮🇹 who has recently subscribed to our newsletter and now he just won a FREE V2 BOARD! Congratulations Andrea, enjoy your new ride! 🥳💥
Check out his Instagram page!
@ndr3hWant to win too? Subscribe now to our newsletter! #italy #italia #freeboard #board #eskate #esk8
👌📸 #photo #camera #instagram #photos
🇦🇺 Australian Eskaters - raise your heads! We want to arrange meetups in several Australian cities. After that ride you can go grab a beer - it's on us! 🍺
So where are you from in Australia and where will you want the meetups to take place?#kangaroo #meetup #esk8 #australia #sydney #melbourne #brisbane #perth