How to Choose the Fastest Electric Skateboard for You

Choose the fastest electric skateboard for you to buy following our guide. Here is an overview of Meepo Board’s electric skateboards and which one might be the best electric skateboard for you. Whether it’s your first time stepping on a board or you’re a seasoned skateboarder, our R & D team has carefully considered the different needs or riders to create boards that are truly the best electric skateboard for your highly personal needs.

If fact, you can find a wide range of electric skateboard with the fast features, then which one is the fastest? I still cannot give a precise answer even if i have so many experiences. But in this post, i would like to list some fast electric skateboard for me. Hope it useful.

Campus 2

Campus 2 is the best electric skateboard for women, lighter riders and students or students using the board primarily on-campus. With a top speed of 18mph / 30 kph and a range of 10 miles / 16 km and weighing just 12.5 lbs / 5.5 kg Meepo's Campus 2 is the best skateboard for campus. Check out the smooth ride:

When you have to park on the other side of campus or live nearby and have a very short commute or if you live on campus and need to get around, this is your best choice. It’s our cheapest skateboard and a lot less powerful than the other boards. However, for riders looking for an on-campus solution, it’s plenty of power. Buy Campus 2.

Meepo Mini 2

Love shortboards? Meepo Mini 2 is the best skateboard for riders looking for a shortboard electric skateboard experience. Mini 2 has a top speed of 29 mph / 46 kph and a range of 20 miles / 32 km with the ER battery. It’s 30” long and its flexible Maple deck is ideal for both new and experienced shortboard riders. It’s one of the best boards for commuting because of its small size and shortened length. If you love shortboards, you’ll love Meepo Mini 2 eskate board. Buy Mini 2.

Meepo V3

V3 is our most popular board and the best choice for riders with varying levels of experience in board sports. With a 29 mph / 46 kph top speed and a range of 20 miles / 32 km with the ER battery, our bestselling board is a crowd-pleaser.

It has a regular skateboard deck, and board sport enthusiasts will feel at home instantly. It’s not the cheapest electric skateboard you’ll find, but it is an amazing value for the money. For well under $500 you can get features usually seen on boards $1,000 and up. The V3 has power, range, and stability that make it an ideal entry-level electric skateboard for all types of rider profiles. Buy V3.


This is the best skateboard for riders looking for speed, performance, and range. It’s faster, has more range, and more power than the V3. The newly upgraded NLS Pro has a top speed of 32 mph /  51 kph top speed and a range of 20 miles / 32 km.

When compared to V3 ER, NLS Pro is just as powerful but has much more flex and is more comfortable. This is thanks to NLS Pro's grip tape with foam, fiberglass bamboo deck and bigger wheels which adsorb the vibration. But it’s not a cheap electric skateboard - this board is normally priced at $699, which is over $200 more than V3. For riders willing to pay for more performance and extreme comfort, NLS pro is your best choice. For riders using the V3, this is a step up for speed, performance, and range. Buy the NLS Pro.

Meepo Classic 2

This is the best electric skateboard for skaters new to the sport. If you’ve never tried a board sport before (skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, etc.) then this could be the best choice for you. The deck is a double concave and lower to the ground than other models - this means it’s easier for new riders to find stability and gain confidence. For stability, ease of ride, and range choose the Classic 2. This new and improved model, which started with the Classic 1, is available for pre-order and will be available August 2019. Pre-order the Classic 2.

Meepo AWD Pro

This is the best skateboard for heavy riders, those in hilly areas, and riders looking for power & control. Featuring 4-hub motors, this electric skateboard model accelerates faster and has more controlled braking than other 2-motor models. This is the best skateboard for riders who need the power, but for those needing less power, the V3 can meet all of your needs. For riders familiar with electric skateboarding who are seeking a 4-wheel drive electric skateboard, this is your best choice. Pre-order the AWD-Pro.

Meepo City Rider

Hey, commuters! This is the best electric skateboard for commuting we’ve ever made. It features 6” wheels designed to plow through obstacles better than a regular electric skateboard. As far as performance, it’s similar to the V3 in terms of speed, acceleration, but is designed more for power carving and the obstacles commuters face. It comes with convenient built-in handles for easy transportation. Order the City Rider.

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