Electric Skateboard with a Handle: What You Need to Know

Electric Skateboard with a Handle: What You Need to Know

Electric skateboard with a handle? Look no further. Meepo Board has several models with this convenient feature.

The first model we have with a handle is the Meepo V3. The handle in the V3 is built into the deck itself. This convenient and innovative design means that there are no protruding parts on your deck, making for smooth rides and carefree carving. This is our most affordable electric skateboard with handles starting under $500 for everything, including delivery to over 60 countries. You can buy Meepo V3 electric skateboard here.



The second model with a handle is the Meepo City Rider. The City Rider’s handles are made of metal and affixed to the outside of the deck. While the handles are wider than the board, they are not wider than the wheelbase, thus making sure that the handles won’t interfere with your ride. A favorite for commuters, this board features 6” commuting wheels instead of classic skateboard wheels. This board starts under $600 including shipping to over 60 countries. Buy City Rider electric skateboard here.

The third model with a handle is the AWD-Pro. This is our fastest accelerating and braking skateboard available. It’s built to take steeper hills, handle heavier riders, and speed safely. The handles are made of metal and affixed to the outside of the board. Designers of the AWD-Pro didn’t miss a beat and conveniently placed the handles within the wheelbase of the board. You can buy the AWD-Pro here.


Why is there a handle on an electric skateboard? Why do riders look for an electric skateboard with a handle?

Many riders of electric skateboarders find that the handle feature is immensely helpful as they navigate to work and around town on the board. Now that you know which boards feature handles, now you need to figure out what board is best for your environment and use. It’s so easy to skateboard anywhere when the board has a handle - just grab and go. Riders combining public transportation and skateboarding will find that the handle is one of the most convenient features on our electric skateboards.

Do I need to have a skateboard with a handle?

No, it’s not a must-have. We make several boards without handles, particularly the shorter boards. It’s a personal preference that doesn’t affect the performance of the board.

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