How does shipping work?

First, thanks for your interest in Meepo Board electric skateboards. Let’s learn more about how Meepo Board electric skateboard shipping process works when the boards are shipped from China (if you are based in the US, check out the shipping info on the product page, your board might be shipped from our US warehouse and delivered within 3-5 days from the time you order). But in most cases, it’s a little different than Amazon, so let’s have a look . . .

Step 1: You Order Your Board

In this stage you select your board, pay, and send your order. Once the payment clears, you’ll get an order confirmation. This applies to boards that are in stock only. Occasionally Meepo Board offers pre-sale items and the estimated ship date will be listed on the product page. Be sure to check the stock status as you place your order.

Step 2: We Receive Your Order

We receive the order and start the journey of your Meepo Board from our factory to your home in one of 70 countries where Meepo Board delivers. It can take 0 - 3 days to process your order depending on demand when you place your order.

Step 3: We Create & Test Your Board

Handmade and individually tested, your Meepo Board electric skateboard will be produced up to 10 days from your order, including the 0 - 3 days for order processing.

Step 4: Your Board Ships to Hong Kong

Once it is completed and passes testing and quality assurance, your board will be collected by our local Shenzen logistics agent and transferred to Hong Kong. When your board reaches Hong Kong, it will be labeled for your destination and you will get an email with tracking information. Under usual conditions, it can take 5 - 14 days to receive your skateboard once you get tracking.

We ship from Hong Kong because of the special shipping requirements of the battery - it’s the fastest and most efficient way to get our skateboards around the world. Clearing customs in Hong Kong can be a several-day process because transporting batteries via airplane requires special checks and approvals.

Step 5: Your Board flies from Hong Kong

Nearly daily flights from Hong Kong to destinations around the world deliver our skateboards within 5 - 14 days from the day it receives its tracking details. While in transit and/or processing from Hong Kong there will be no shipment updates and exact details will only be available when the package reaches the destination country.

Step 6: Your Board Arrives in Home Country/ Continent

Once arriving at your destination country, your electric skateboard will go through customs. This is the part of the trip where we have no control over delays. All of our electric skateboards, parts, and accessories are packed in accordance with local customs regulations to avoid delays, however, when purchasing overseas there is always a risk of the item being “stuck” in customs, especially in Europe.

Step 7: Your Board is Home

Anywhere from 14 - 30 days from placing your order, your new Meepo Board will arrive to its new home. With 30,000+ riders in 70+ countries we’re sure you will love Meepo too! Follow our Facebook page to connect with other Meepo riders, read our blog for updates, and enjoy the ride…

If you have more questions about shipping make sure to check out our Knowledge Base


Board ordered on 11 August.
40 days later and I’m still waiting!
Got given tracking information that has said ‘Tracking not registered’ for the last week.
Have sent emails, seeking honest answers.
Absolutely no idea where my board is!

Wil September 20, 2019

I ordered my board on the 31st of August, and because of all the comments here I was ready to wait until end September, but two weeks later, here it is!

I’m positively impressed by how fast my board was delivered. Mostly, people only post or comment when they want to complain.

The shipment date was clearly advertised on the website, so I knew what to expect, but that it took only one week after that to arrive in the Netherlands made my day!

Thanks and good job, Meepo!

Daniel September 16, 2019

Thank you all for the comments. Please open a customer support ticket at to submit your question

Meepo Board Support September 08, 2019

I ordered a meepo v3 on august 23rd and no update since i dont get it. No confirmation or tracking number ugh.

Tristin Leshinsky September 02, 2019

MEEPO…….Pull your heads out of your arses!! How can you deliberately sabotage your own company like this? Do you not like money? Do you not want to grow your company? What is wrong with you people? Wake the f up y’all and invest in some local warehouses for countries other than your own, perhaps the countries that order from you the most might be a good place to start. I mean seriously, your losing a massive amount of potential customers because of your ignorance to this matter.

Paul August 30, 2019

Hi all
Thought I would share my experience here. I ordered my board on July 7th and received it on August 28th. During the wait I grew very frustrated at the time it was taking for the delivery to be made and the lack of transparency into the process.

I can say, however, that I believe the Meepo team do all that they can to get their boards to their customers as quickly as possible, and provide as much info as they can on the process. In the age of “amazon” I guess we have all just grown accustom to next-day delivery. With regulatory and customs obligations involved in importing a battery-powered vehicle into Europe, this is just not possible for Meepo and their customers. One thing I would say is that Meepo should be a bit more clear up front regarding delivery times to Europe, and explicitly say that delivery of the board will take between 6 to 8 weeks. If it takes less time, great, but if not, at least people know what they’re in for.

All I can say is this: if you’re living in Europe and are waiting for a board, be patient, it will arrive. If you’re living in Europe and are considering buying a board, be aware that it may not arrive before the end of summer, but if that’s not an issue, order away, and also, be patient :)


Mark August 28, 2019

I purchased my V3 17th July I am optimistic that I will receive it by the end of August or am I being naive?

Paul August 21, 2019

guys from MEEPO do u have even little shame bcs of unprofesional shipping and not informing as u should. shame on u.

ilija August 19, 2019

Well I ask you all to beware. Placed my order 47 days ago and still nothing. I’ve had several changes in shipping including a change in the shipping company but still nothing. UPS says they never had the package in the first place but Meepo says otherwise. Actually, Meepo doesn’t say much, they still ask me to be patient (thats it, be patient in every e-mail) but don’t offer any solutions. It’s difficult to be patient when spending money on public transport everyday thinking you’ll receive the board soon. If they were honest with the problems i might understand and chill a bit but all they do is avoid the questions and take forever to answer. I work in customer care and this is ridiculous. Careful people!

John August 16, 2019

I ordered about 1 and a half weeks ago and still no new info, I hear good things about this board but shipping is a pain, meepo should work on faster shipping and catch on because other eletric skatebored company’s are shipping theirs out within just 2 days

Brandon August 14, 2019

When to exspect my Meepo v3

Herman Cleveland August 12, 2019

Ordered my board 18th of June. Received it yesterday the 8th of August. Can’t say the shipping is the fastest, however the board arrived in an orderly sense. Given the growth of the company and the difficulty shipping batterys overseas, combined with the products needed to get clearance at customs, the shipping time was acceptable. Product is delivered neatly and as expected. Don’t expect the board to arrive 2 weeks post ordering, especially if youre from Europe.

Whenever i got in contact with customer service, i have gotten response within 24 hours.

In general I am a satisfied customer!

Matt VS August 09, 2019

9 days since I got my tracking number – still no updates. Right now I’m disappointed I didn’t go with Backfire which has a US warehouse. I just want my new board.

Sam August 07, 2019

Reading all of these comments are not giving me faith in this company sadly.

I have ordered my V3 er on the 25th July and I’m in fear that I won’t receive it within a couple of months.

The tracking says it is in transit but no idea what or where that means.

I really hope I’m not let down with this Meepo as I have spent quite a lot of money on this.

Fingers crossed..

Tommy August 04, 2019

It’s great that you’re giving some light on what your shipping process looks like. However, I’m having some doubt about it. Personally, I’ve currently been waiting for 42 days since I placed the order, 29 days since I got the first tracking number, and I have no idea where the board is. Is it in Hong Kong? Is it in Europe? Your customer service told me that I should expect 15-20 days for shipping to Sweden, so it’s clear that ship has sailed.
I’m also worried about the numerous issues your customers has raised on different places around the web, most notably the very embarrassing casing gap. That should not have happened in the first place if Meepo had a decent Test & Verification department, along with Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs. As of right now, I get the impression that most of the money reinvested in the company is put into R&D, considering new products are released every month.
So in short: Provide more accurate shipping information, shift investment into Operations, T&V, QA/RA, oh, and please treat your Customer Service staff (who’s clearly doing their best) to an English course.


Erik August 03, 2019

I was one of the 14 unlucky customers who had their bird permanently stuck at the custom. It was a classic so you wrote me that there is no possibility to have another board as it is out of stock. I asked to have a classic 2 and pay for the difference with a small discount to compensate for the fact that I will not be able to use, as planned, the board on summer holidays. No way to have that. You offered a V3 as an upgrade. But this is no upgrade for me, it’s a different board I don’t like, with an ESC that is not hobbywing. So what can I say? I got a refund but I lost in any case some money (the shipping cost and the currency exchange costs) and I have no board for the summer. I think that for 14 customers it was not impossible to give a compensation. Certainly it would have gained you a better consideration from me

Stefano August 03, 2019

I’ve been very happy with the process so far. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Ordered an NLS Pro on July 2nd and every time I reached out with a question you responded in 24 hours or less. My board was given a tracking number in the timeframe you described above and I’ve been able to track its progress since it landed in the US. Thanks and I look forward to enjoying my purchase for many years to come.


A Satisfied Customer

Jason August 03, 2019

My problem with Meepo is that I don’t trust you. Your shipping information has been wrong from the beginning. It feels like you’re just making things up. You give customers the best lie instead of the best information.

Charlie August 02, 2019

I ordered my classic in April 2019 got it in UK 15 days later. That was really good I thought. Maybe they didn’t have many orders at that time.

Adam August 02, 2019

Have you considered using a different shipping method, where tracking updates?
Or else having EU stock..

I think the shipping is scaring many customers away. I’m now at 40 days since ordering and still haven’t heard anything about the whereabouts of the board. DHL say that they haven’t received it yet and I’m told from you it has left the factory.

Daniel August 02, 2019

Andrew August 02, 2019

You told me my board had shipped when it hadn’t? And then you told me that my address was invalid for no apparent reason and you refused to ship to my region after supplying a second address. You then asked for 62usd more to ship to just say it wasn’t even possible. Why don’t you specify where you can and can’t ship? Why was this not brought up earlier, and I had to wait a full month just to find this out. Serousily disappointed.

Carson August 02, 2019

I ordered my board on the 8th of July,and my tracking number has just been sent under a week ago. This is Unacceptable. Shipping should never take this long. Trust me I work in shipping… Absolutely incredible that you can’t ship faster to Europe, and even more incredible that you don’t inform your customers about delays. I have messaged you multiple times, and not once have you mentioned that the boards were held up due to inspection (or whatever the case were). If I could I’d cancel my order and buy from someone more competent.
The money you save with buying a meepo board is really not worth it, considering how bad the service is.

A very disappointed customer, who will never buy anything from Meepo again.

Martin August 02, 2019

Well we are currently sat at 32 days and UPS still dont have my board to try and deliver. Feeling a little cheated paying that much for the nls pro and neither meepo or ups know where the board is. Shame really the boards look great but let down by the customer service.

Ryan August 02, 2019

Where you have to fix this service is the most effective way to make customers happy and satisfied shopping for your Board . since you updated the website I didn’t see any changes in the service. You are very long time to reply what is being questioned from your customers. And the saddest thing is that when I want to refund my order because of the delay in shipping, then you speeding up of the shipping is very bad for me

Fernando August 02, 2019

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