How does shipping work?

First, thanks for your interest in Meepo Board electric skateboards. Let’s learn more about how Meepo Board electric skateboard shipping process works when the boards are shipped from China (if you are based in the US, check out the shipping info on the product page, your board might be shipped from our US warehouse and delivered within 3-5 days from the time you order). But in most cases, it’s a little different than Amazon, so let’s have a look . . .

Step 1: You Order Your Board

In this stage you select your board, pay, and send your order. Once the payment clears, you’ll get an order confirmation. This applies to boards that are in stock only. Occasionally Meepo Board offers pre-sale items and the estimated ship date will be listed on the product page. Be sure to check the stock status as you place your order.

Step 2: We Receive Your Order

We receive the order and start the journey of your Meepo Board from our factory to your home in one of 70 countries where Meepo Board delivers. It can take 0 - 3 days to process your order depending on demand when you place your order.

Step 3: We Create & Test Your Board

Handmade and individually tested, your Meepo Board electric skateboard will be produced up to 10 days from your order, including the 0 - 3 days for order processing.

Step 4: Your Board Ships to Hong Kong

Once it is completed and passes testing and quality assurance, your board will be collected by our local Shenzen logistics agent and transferred to Hong Kong. When your board reaches Hong Kong, it will be labeled for your destination and you will get an email with tracking information. Under usual conditions, it can take 5 - 14 days to receive your skateboard once you get tracking.

We ship from Hong Kong because of the special shipping requirements of the battery - it’s the fastest and most efficient way to get our skateboards around the world. Clearing customs in Hong Kong can be a several-day process because transporting batteries via airplane requires special checks and approvals.

Step 5: Your Board flies from Hong Kong

Nearly daily flights from Hong Kong to destinations around the world deliver our skateboards within 5 - 14 days from the day it receives its tracking details. While in transit and/or processing from Hong Kong there will be no shipment updates and exact details will only be available when the package reaches the destination country.

Step 6: Your Board Arrives in Home Country/ Continent

Once arriving at your destination country, your electric skateboard will go through customs. This is the part of the trip where we have no control over delays. All of our electric skateboards, parts, and accessories are packed in accordance with local customs regulations to avoid delays, however, when purchasing overseas there is always a risk of the item being “stuck” in customs, especially in Europe.

Step 7: Your Board is Home

Anywhere from 14 - 30 days from placing your order, your new Meepo Board will arrive to its new home. With 30,000+ riders in 70+ countries we’re sure you will love Meepo too! Follow our Facebook page to connect with other Meepo riders, read our blog for updates, and enjoy the ride…

If you have more questions about shipping make sure to check out our Knowledge Base


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