What’s the difference between the electric skateboards that Meepo Boards sells?

What’s the difference between the electric skateboards that Meepo Boards sells?

Each Meepo Board electric skateboard is its own creation, each with its benefits and drawbacks. We spoke with CEO & Founder of Meepo Board Kieran Mao and found out what he had to say. First, we looked at the longboard electric skateboard collection, then second the shortboard models.

Longboard Electric Skateboards: V3, NLS-Pro, AWD-GT, City Rider

The V3 is our bestselling electric skateboard. It’s the best all-round electric skateboard. Reaching top speeds of 29 mph (46 kph) this board satisfies the need for speed but provides the stability of a 38” maple longboard deck with 90mm wheels. Most electric skateboard enthusiasts find this board to be our best board yet under $500. This board’s range goes up to 20 miles / 32 km (with ER Battery).

The NLS-Pro is similar to the V3, but with more power, more range, and greater speed. With top speeds of 32 mph (51 kph) and this board is fitted with a durable bamboo & fiberglass deck, instead of the standard maple deck on the V3. The bamboo & fiberglass deck is more suitable for performance-oriented riders. The standard wheels on the NLS-Pro are 100mm while they are 90mm on the V3. It’s like the V3, but supercharged. The NLS-Pro comes standard with a 20 miles / 32.18 km range, while it’s optional on the V3.

The AWD-Pro is an all-wheel-drive electric skateboard built for power and performance with a top speed of 34 mph / 55 kph. The main difference between the AWD-Pro and the other Meepo Boards is its ability to handle heavier riders and steep hills - it’s the only Meepo Board rated for a 35% grade. It’s built to be safer and more effective going up and down hills and is the board we recommend for hilly areas. For riders getting close to the 300 lb (136 kg) weight limit, we recommend the AWD-Pro for its increased power. Because it’s built for power, this skateboard’s maximum range is 15 miles/ 24 km. Riders who like the AWD-Pro but need more range can buy a second battery.

Ready to commute? The City Rider is the commuter’s dream electric skateboard. Fitted with 6” wheels, it’s not an all-terrain skateboard, rather a special design created to make commuting smoother. The board’s top speed is slower than other boards, 22 mph / 35 kph top speed - it’s designed to perform in an urban environment with frequent obstacles like pebbles, cracks, and bumps. Because of its unique wheels and design, the range is 15.5 miles / 25 km.

Shortboard Electric Skateboards

The Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard is a performance-oriented shortboard that reaches a top speed of 29 mph / 46 kph. It’s our best shortboard for commuting, recreational electric skateboarding, or on-campus use. Our R&D team has designed this board to appeal to many different types of shortboard skaters. With an extended range of 20 miles / 32 km (ER battery), the Mini 2 is a real beast. 

Our other shortboard, the Campus 2, is bargain priced under $300. The Campus 2 has a weight limit of 150 lbs (72 kg) therefore we recommend that riders over this weight limit looking for a shortboard electric skateboard purchase the Mini 2. The Campus 2 weighs only 12.5lbs / 5.5kg and has a top speed of 18 mph / 30 kph with a range of 10 Miles / 16 km. It’s perfect for riders looking for a lightweight board and most suited to smoothly paved surfaces such as bike trails and walkways.

Do you have more questions about our boards? Make sure to check out the extensive Meepo Board Knowledge Base which contains a lot of information about our boards. 

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What board differences in the vs3 er or the v5? Is it the bushings or the wheels? I want something my kids and I can use. But I really need something for them. I rather pay a little more for quality.. help me out…. Thanks

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