Meet Jake Brian, our Meepo Rider of the month

Jake Brian won the July 2019 Meepo Design Competition with his amazing T-shirt design. We took the opportunity and are featuring him as our rider of the month.

He is based out of Sarasota, FL and works as a full time Creative Director (photographer & videographer) & influencer. (@jakebrian)

  1. Jake, how did you first hear about Meepo?
    I was looking for a great board that was cheaper than Boosted that I could use for fun that I would consistently use. I had no idea that Meepo made boards faster and more intuitive than Boosted and bought one as soon as I saw the specs and reviews. 

  2. Describe your first ride.
    The day I got my first Meepo (V2) I was nothing short of exhilarated. I was going top speed within 20 minutes of riding it and knew that this would be something that changed my life. 

  3. What do you like most about your Meepo?
    I love that my board turns on, on its own, that it is silent, accelerates faster than a Boosted board, and has awesome range. 

  4. Are you part of a local Meepo rider community?
    I am not BUT I am in the process of building one myself and have already gotten a few friends to get Meepo boards so now there are a total of 5 new riders in my area and many more potential riders that are interested. 

  5. Do you use your electric skateboard for commuting or for leisure travel?
    Definitely both! I take my NLS to the extreme and push it over 13 miles sometimes for a commute downtown. Aside from lengthy rides, I go out a few times a week and ride down crazy smooth roads or go downtown and like to beat the speed limit just a bit haha. while I own a truck, I'll take boarding any day anywhere I can. 

  6. What tip would you give to new riders?
    Always assume that the cars you're riding beside don't see you and use proper signals to signal your turns. It is so easy to get hit on busy roads by people texting or not looking your direction. Know your rights on the road as a rider and always be cautious. If you're planning to ride with friends who consistently board, ask them how they signal and keep each other safe during group rides. 

  7. How do you envision electric skateboards in 2020?
    I believe they will be thinner, faster, and have batteries that clip in and out of the board so that you have truly unlimited range. Swapping all terrain and street wheels easily would also be a huge plus. 

Thanks Jake for this interview! Enjoy your rides!


3516720 September 08, 2019

Just a heads up I had the shirt designed in the correct placement not where meepo moved my design. I did not create or arrange what is being sold in the shop. As for the rest of the negative comments here and on Facebook, it’s sad to see the communities non-supportive vibe.

I do truly appreciate the support from Meepo and the rest of you on here and thank you for choosing my design it means a lot.

Jake Brian September 07, 2019

It was a great design. I love the design.

Joel September 02, 2019

Agree with Dusty! Shirt design sucks! Creative? Nah. Definately a model or why would they cut off his face? The shirt could have just said MEEPO across the front and generated more buzz. Can’t be too hard on them as they are skateboard, not clothing designers. Keep making great boards! Would like to see an all-terrain board from you guys at a lower price point!

Brian August 31, 2019

I have been ridding eboards for over 20years . Boards called exkate . Weighed 48lb. I ride mv2 now and I love it. It is the closest thing to a magic carpet you will ever experience Love it!!!!!! Still riding at 61 years old

Ken Seigler August 30, 2019

This guy’s T Shirt design sucked and he looks like a fake model they hired to pretend to interview. The guy’s website looks like one of those Chinese sites that doesn’t make any sense.

Dusty August 30, 2019

I’d love to be one the happy meepo riders by winning one of the Meepo V3 board as I ride for the moment a Tree wheeled board which lack stability and I am sure that Meepo V3 is definitely more stable and reliable

Lionel August 30, 2019

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