Meepo boards

This Next Level Skateboard
was born for the perfect riding experience.

  • Push and Cruise as an original longboard
  • Unlimited range, 14 miles per battery
  • Most comfortable Electric Skateboard to ride
  • Ships in 15 business days


Most Popular Electric Skateboard.
The 38 inch V2 is the perfect short distance commuter.

  • Top Speed 29 mph
  • Real-world Range 11 miles
  • Custom Brake & Push Start
  • Ships in 10 business days


The perfect choice for commuting
in urban environments, enjoying adventures on the road, or in neighborhoods.

  • Top Speed 29 mph
  • Real-world range 11 miles
  • Fast&Portable
  • Ships in 10 business days


Ride in control
with the world’s most powerful hub motor electric skateboard.

  • Fastest Accelerating Electric Skateboard
  • Real-World range up to 14 Miles
  • Four Wheel Brake System
  • Ships in 10 business days


The ideal board for people looking to have fun
on campus, in local parks, and around the neighborhood.

  • The most affordable Meepo Board
  • Ideal to get around campus
  • Ships from US & deliver in 5 days.
  • Ships started from January 2019


Parts & Accessories

From spare batteries to shredder trucks, find all of your eskate parts & accessories right here