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Shipping & Taxes

How can I check the shipping status / track my order?

Here is the page to track.

How long does it take to ship?

Shipping dates may vary according to where you live and how many orders we get in a certain week.

Which countries do you ship to? To which countries is there free shipping?

Countries that we do FREE SHIPPING:

Aland Islands, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bouvet Island, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, Estonia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Italy, Jersey, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Macedonia, Republic Of Malaysia, Moldova, Republic of Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

Countries that we charge extra shipping fees:

Bangladesh, Israel, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

Are there taxes and duties?

Below you can find the applicable tax rates for each province:
Canadian Taxes
Taxes including GST, PST, and HST are assessed on the total purchase price of the board. Below please find the applicable tax rates for each province:

AU & NZ Taxes & Fees
Below please find the applicable GST (Goods and Services Tax) rates and fees for Australia and New Zealand:

Australia: 10% GST

New Zealand: 15% GST, 3.5% trade compliance fee
Trade compliance fee is assessed on the product price. GST is assessed on the subtotal.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is assessed on the total purchase price, plus Duty. Below please find the applicable VAT rates for each country to which we ship:

Country VAT
Austria 20%
Belgium 21%
Bulgaria 20%
Croatia 25%
Czech Republic 21%
Denmark 25%
Estonia 20%
Finland 24%
France 20%
Germany 19%
Greece 24%
Hungary 27%
Italy 22%
Ireland 23%
Latvia 21%
Liechtenstein 7.7%
Lithuania 21%
Luxembourg 17%
Monaco 20%
Norway 25%
Poland 23%
Portugal 23%
Romania 19%
Slovakia 20%
Slovenia 22%
Spain 21%
Sweden 25%
Switzerland 7.7%
The Netherlands 21%
The UK 20%

All above rates are subject to change. Consult your local tax authorities for the latest rates.

All final payments are in USD and subject to current exchange rates.


How can I make the payment?

Acceptable Forms of Payment. At this point we only accept PayPal – you can pay with your credit card or a PayPal account.

Can I pay using more than one credit card?

We can only process your order using one credit or debit card. We are unable to split payment.
We are also unable to change the card you used for your order.
We don’t save credit card information in our system and we will never charge you without your permission.

Is there a financing option?

Will be available in the future:

A payment plan with Affirm allows you to make monthly installments over time. Pick from a few different options based on your needs and credit.

At time of checkout, US residents will be given the opportunity to apply online. Affirm then performs a soft credit check and decides whether or not you qualify. They will determine if you owe a down payment and if the payments will be split into 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 month increments, at an APR of 10-30%.


How can I change my order?

Please submit this form

How can I cancel my order?

Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel any board before it ships. If your product has already shipped we do not offer refunds for any reason. Our 90-Day warranty covers any manufacturer damage and we will replace any board or part as we commit to provide excellent customer service, but we do not issue refunds.

Can I return my product?

No, we do not accept product returns for any reason. Our 90-Day warranty (many boards even have a 180-Day warranty) guarantees that your board will be 100% free from defects, awesome and ready to shred when you get it.


What are speed wobbles? What caused them? What do I need to do?

Speed wobbles occur when the board begins to involuntarily oscillate in short mini “S” turns, giving the rider a feeling of loss of control.

This typically happens when too much weight is placed on your back leg. While speed wobbles usually occur at higher speeds, you can also wobble at low speeds by distributing your weight in the wrong way. Remember to keep your back truck tighter than the front to avoid too much steering input from the rear.

What to do when speed wobbles occur:

The most important thing is to stay calm and try to relax because tense leg muscles can exacerbate the problem.

Try carving in one direction, as consciously turning will often stabilize the board and stop the wobble.

Lean over your front foot and slowly let off the throttle until the speed wobble stops.

Tightening the kingpin on your trucks may also help to reduce speed wobbles. Just be sure not to over tighten so you can still freely turn.Try only adjusting a quarter turn at a time.

Over time, frequent riding will strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your ankles and legs, eliminating the frequency and severity of speed wobbles.

What kind of safety issues might I face? Is electric skateboarding safe?

With any means or transportation or sport there are certain risks. In fact, car crashes are one of the most common accidents, yet we don’t consider driving to work a “dangerous sport.” Before you start electric skateboarding, let’s go over some of the potential risks so you can reduce the chance of injury.

Your board can lose power and brakes at any moment due to radio interference between your remote and the board, a dead remote battery, unintentional release of the Engage Button, braking when the battery is fully charged, and other factors. Only ride your Meepo board at speeds and on hills where you’d be comfortable without power and brakes.

Braking downhill on a full battery will cause board shutdown and temporary loss of braking power since regenerative braking will overcharge the battery. To alert you of this situation, the remote will warn you by beeping, and you’ll lose your braking power. Safely come to a stop by turning or foot braking and ride on flats or uphill to drain the battery before attempting downhill again.

The throttle wheel in higher modes is extremely sensitive to make the board responsive and fun, but it also means fast or sudden inputs can easily cause you to fall off. Start by trying to move forward as slowly as possible in these modes.

Hills and high speed can be very dangerous because crashes can cause serious injuries. Be extra careful when riding the board up and down hills, even if you’re an experienced rider.

Cars and other vehicles can kill you, so always be aware of your surroundings when riding in the presence of other vehicles. Ride defensively and assume other vehicles can’t see you. Remember that your board may lose power and brakes at any moment. Be aware of the laws that govern the use of your board on public roads, bike paths, sidewalks, or other places that you may ride.

Protect your board. We have engineered the board to handle shock and vibration from riding over a wide variety of terrain. However, riding off curbs, doing jumps/hops, throwing the front down to the pavement, and subjecting the board to other high-impact events may damage internal electronic components over time. We highly recommend that you regularly inspect and maintain the board before riding.

Always wear a helmet. Other protective equipment (knee pads, long sleeves, wrist guards) is highly recommended.

Warning: Whenever you ride a Meepo board, you risk death or serious injury from loss of control, loss of braking power, collisions, and falls. To ride safely, you must read and follow all warnings and instructions in the manual.

Warning: Always wear a helmet when riding. Never ride in water, on wet surfaces, in the rain, on slippery or uneven surfaces, up steep hills, in traffic, and over cracks, train tracks, gravel, rocks, or any obstacles that could cause a loss of traction. Avoid night riding, areas with poor visibility, and narrow spaces.

Warning: Do not ride a Meepo board in environments, on inclines, or at speeds where you would not be safely in control of an unpowered skateboard. In the event of wireless interference, loss of brakes, or battery fault, you may need to rely on skating techniques like footbraking or sliding to stop.

Warning: Avoid Water: Do not ride on wet or icy pavement. Any amount of water has the potential to damage the board’s electronics, and water damage is not covered under warranty. Riding on wet or icy pavement is extremely dangerous due to the potential for losing traction and control.

Warning: Pinch Points: Keep fingers, hair, and clothing away from belts, motors, wheels, and all moving parts.

Warning: Risk of Electric Shock: Do not open or tamper with electronics housings which also voids the warranty.

Please ride responsibly and respect those around you. How you ride will determine how people view this new mode of transportation.

Warranty & Refund

Is there a warranty?

All Meepo Boards come standard with a 90-180 days warranty which covers any manufacturing defects. Check each board page for the warranty time.

What is the refund policy?

Please visit warranty page for more information


Do I need to worry if my board makes noise?

The Meepo electric skateboard has an unmistakable sound. When you hear those motors whir, you know what’s coming. That sound has turned many, many heads. It is completely normal for your skateboard to make sound while riding. Motor sounds, road noise, and riding close to objects can enhance noise substantially as well. For the most part motor noise will not affect the performance of your Meepo board. If you are hearing unfamiliar or irregular sounds, run a board check before getting in touch.

Do I need to worry about clicking bearings?

Clicking bearings are a fairly regular and normal occurrence, especially with the drive wheels. There are several solutions to remedy clicking bearings. Often the axle nut is too tight and will cause one or more bearings to click. Using a skate tool, tighten the nut until it is tight and then back it off a quarter turn or so until the clicking stops but there is no lateral movement of the wheel. Another remedy is to use a little white lithium grease on the bearing seats (where the bearing rests in the wheel).

It is advisable to clean your bearings or replace them regularly. Especially if they have been exposed to water, sand, or excessive dirt and dust.

What do I need to do if there are squeaky trucks?

If you’re experiencing squeaky trucks, remove the hanger and put some shaved pure paraffin wax (don’t use a candle) in the pivot cup and in the bushing seats. Reassemble the truck as it was previously and you should have less noise from the trucks.

What do I need to know about my belts?

Check the health of your belts regularly or if you suspect a problem.

Have a good look at the teeth on your belts. If they appear furry, it may be time to swap them. Correct belt tension and clean, good belts can alter and reduce any noise.

Can I replace defective parts?

Parts that you can replace:

The motors, motor driver, motor caps, skid plates, grip tape, front and rear trucks, front and rear wheels, and battery on most Meepo Boards.

All self-serviceable parts including belts, bearings, wheels, and skid plates are available for purchase from us in our store.

Riding Electric skateboard

How do I ride an electric skateboard?

Riding a Meepo board is different from riding a regular skateboard, so please start off slowly even if you’re a skateboarding pro. Find a large, empty parking lot to practice your first few times. Don’t be in a hurry to graduate to the street; take your time and get comfortable with your balance and controls first.

How do I stand on a Meepo electric skateboard?

First you need to determine your “stance,” or how you stand. A regular stance is when you put your left foot forward. If you participate in other sports, it might be really easy for you figure out which stance works for you. Most of the time people who skate, surf, or snowboard regular footed (left forward) will also be most comfortable on our electric skateboards like that. If you play baseball and bat left foot forward, or are a right-footed kicker, regular stance is probably your most comfortable stance.

The other option for riding is with the right foot forward. Named after the Disney character “Goofy,” goofy stance is a good fit for boarders used to riding goofy, left-footed kickers, baseball batters who use right foot forward. This is called goofy foot and is a less popular way to ride, sometimes associated with left handedness, but not always.


Choose the stance that you feel most comfortable on the board.


Take a wide stance and bend from the knees to lower your center of gravity. Remember to lean slightly forward on acceleration, and slightly onto your back leg when braking. It’s also important to look where you want to go, not at the ground, just like you would when driving a car

How do I conserve the battery charge?

The most efficient battery-conservation mode is in eco mode, rather than expert or pro mode.

Kick push to start, then slowly engage the motors. When you start from a complete stop using only the motor you use the battery more than kick starting.

When braking from high speeds, use the brakes until you reach a speed of fast walking, then use your foot to brake the rest.

Avoid steep hills when possible.

Avoid riding into strong winds when possible.


How often do I need to inspect my board?

We recommend doing a visual inspection of your board every time you ride.

How do I take care of the board hardware?

Tightening board hardware is an important part of keeping your board in its best condition and riding smooth and safe.

It’s important to include a board hardware check as part of your regular board check routine:

The screws on the battery pack and motor driver wing plates should be flush. If they are loose, use a 4mm allen wrench to tighten them.

Be sure to inspect the screws on the ends of the motor caps. If they are loose, use a 3mm allen wrench to tighten them. Be sure not to over-tighten them, as that can strip the threads on the screw and weaken its effectiveness.

Check the four screws on each truck baseplate. Tighten them using the allen key wrench and the smaller pipe wrench parts of your skate tool.

How do I take care of the deck?

Do not clean the deck with harsh abrasives or chemicals; a semi-damp cloth should suffice to wipe off dust and dirt. We also recommend a small dab of Howard Feed-N-Wax wood polish for use on the wooden part of the deck only (do not use on electronics).

How do I take care of the grip-tape?

Remove any dirt or stains by rubbing grip gum vertically across the surface or by gently using a steel brush in a circular motion.

How do I change the grip-tape?

If your grip tape is missing large sections and is no longer providing adequate traction, it should be changed. If it is dirty, you can use a grip tape cleaner bar like Grip Gum, which can be purchased from any skate shop or retailer.

With the Meepo boards, the grip tape can be replaced without the risk of damaging any wiring. Changing the grip tape is the same as changing the grip tape on any other non-electric skateboard. Have at it!

How do I conserve the battery charge?

The most efficient battery-conservation mode is in eco mode, rather than expert or pro mode.

Kick push to start, then slowly engage the motors. When you start from a complete stop using only the motor you use the battery more than kick starting.

When braking from high speeds, use the brakes until you reach a speed of fast walking, then use your foot to brake the rest.

Avoid steep hills when possible.

Avoid riding into strong winds when possible.

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