Meepo Cyclone 110s Ultra Comfort High Grip Street Wheels - Belt/Direct Drive ONLY

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The Cyclone 110s are the best street wheels for your belt-driven boards, offering unrivalled grip and comfort in any road condition. Wet grounds, grass, dirt, gravel, cobblestone, you name it. The rubber formula of the Cyclone 110s is unique to Meepo, designed specifically for lateral and high-rpm usage. Honeycomb design ensures potholes and cracks in the road are no longer your nightmares, smoothened and forgotten.

They are aslo the most compatible cloud wheels for your Meepo boards, which have even better performance.

Diameter: 110mm*65mm

Durometer: 68A(new)

What’s included:
110mm Rubber Wheel*4 (Belts and pulleys sold separately)

(*Cyclone Wheel also works with Direct Drive boards and users would need to buy a Kegel adapter instead of a pulley.)

Wheel Size Pulley Belt
110MM(Hurricane) 40T 280-5M 
110MM(Voyager) 36T 255-5M
Color: Black



Built for different terrains

Whether you ride trails or streets, this size of wheels (110*65mm) adapts to many types of terrain and is excellent for cruising.


Rubber is more environmentally-friendly than other materials.

Suitable for many boards

Cyclone Wheels are suitable for the Meepo Hurricane and any other belt-driven electric skateboard on the market.


The Meepo Cyclone Wheels are built to last - enjoy a high quality product that will accompany you wherever you go.

Excellent Shock Absorption

Our unique engineering process and double-layer honeycomb design makes the wheel tougher and more flexible, providing a comfortable ride and excellent shock absorption.

Responsive Braking System

The wide surface area of the Cyclone Wheel makes the skateboard’s braking system much more responsive. This is especially true when compared to a standard PU wheel.

Stable Riding Experience

Rubber wheels provide a stable riding experience, are wear-resistant and less likely to let your board slip compared to regular PU wheels.

Installation Guide